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Keyshia Cole Issues Update on Her Album, Says Tracks Will Be Laid Next Week

Keyshia Cole fans can start getting excited, because the singer just announced that she is wrapping up her album. On Wednesday, Nov. 4, she updated her fans about her upcoming eighth studio album on Twitter.

It first began with the “Heaven Sent” singer randomly tweeting the words “just relax.” It’s not clear if that message was meant for folks anxious about the election, or those that are highly anticipating her album, or if it was for a different reason.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

One fan responded to the tweet with, “Im tryin sis im tryin.”

Cole responded to the tweet, writing, “Hey man. Don’t jump out the window. Stay in the car.”

Another fan wrote to Cole and said, “queen im gonna need the single when this over, I’m stressed out.”

“Don’t be stressed. Jus relax 🖐🏽 ain’t nothing going nowhere. Unless it’ AIN’T meant for ya. Hey man. Stay focused,” she replied.

After responding to a few more fans, the mother of two finally started to give updates about the album.

She tweeted, “Uuuugh I’m leaving Monday, for two weeks…. to sing everything we’re keeping on the album! #RonFair here I come.”


Ron Fair is an A&R and executive producer who signed Cole to her first recording deal and worked with her on several of her albums.

Within seconds she posted her next tweet, saying, “Album will be OFFICIALLY closed THIS SUNDAY! I’m in my home studio STILL BANGING THEM OUT!!!! Came up with a litty last night!!!!!!”

Cole has been dropping hints on Instagram that she was working on her eighth studio album since the end of September. Under some of her last few posts she would write her captions and add “#Album8” at the end.

It has officially been three years since the 39-year-old has released an album. Although she has not announced a date for when this new album will be dropping, fans are hopeful that it will be soon.

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