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White Florida Teacher Reassigned But Not Fired After Telling Class She Has a ‘Right to Dislike Blacks’

A Florida teacher has been removed from her position pending an investigation by the Osceola School District after she was recorded making racially charged comments.

A former Poinciana High School social studies teacher, identified as Tracey Brown, has been reassigned and is no longer interacting with students after she was captured on video saying she has a right to “dislike Blacks” during a virtual class on Monday, Oct. 12.

She said that a group of people using the “language of Blacks” attacked her while she was riding a train to Atlanta as a teenager.

“I have as much right as anybody else to dislike Blacks for what happened to me,” she said.

Tracey Brown made racially charged comments in front of a high school class on Monday. (Photo: Holasoynessa/Twitter)

The video was shared to social media and was submitted on Tuesday to the central Florida school’s “Let’s Talk” platform, which is intended to be a space for students and parents to ask questions as the community navigates the pandemic.

The school responded immediately and was also made aware of a second video in which Brown expressed criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the second video, Brown asserted that the movement implies that “black lives matter more than anyone else.”

“You’ve never had to go through that struggle, but there are some Black people that live in communities where the cops do not treat them right, do you understand?” a student asked, during the discussion.

One Black student in the class, whose name has not been released, spoke to WFTV News about what led to Brown’s comments. He said the discussion was initially about the Constitution and the amendments and then began to spiral as students asked questions.

“I took offense to it because I am Black. … I didn’t want her to, like, say anything about this at all,” he said.

A representative from the school district said that Brown will remain assigned to a position in which she does not interact with children, as the investigation continues. The district has obtained the video of the entire class.

As of Friday, more than 2,000 people signed a petition demanding disciplinary action against Brown.

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