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Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Brandi Maxiell Speaks Out After Being Hospitalized with COVID-19

Former “Basketball Wives” star Brandi Maxiell is speaking out after news broke that she was hospitalized with a severe case of COVID-19 last week.

Basketball Wives’ alum Brandi Maxiell shares an update with fans after being hospitalized with COVID-19. (Photo: @brandimaxiell/Instagram)

The former reality star took to her Instagram page on Thursday, Oct. 1, with a heartfelt and lengthy message to her supporters thanking them for their thoughts and prayers during her time of sickness. “If only you knew how much I love and appreciate all the love, support & prayers that you have given me during my fight. You are truly God sent and mean the entire WORLD TO ME!” Brandi wrote as a caption of a video of a gospel performance. 

The 37-year-old gave fans an update on her condition, saying, “Family, I am grateful to tell you I have been released from the hospital by the grace of God, however, I need you to please continue to pray for me as I travel this journey of full recovery!” She added, “This has been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. But It was only a test in my faith. God was challenging my trust in him. He was truly testing my faith. The song I posted along with The Battle Is The Lord’s is something I had playing on repeat for the 7 days I was in that hospital bed. God told me to GET UP, put on this whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.” Satan is coming like a thief in the night but oh is he weak.”

Brandi described her experience with COVID-19 as “the scariest trail I’ve been through,” admitting that “the slip of fear and thought of death traumatized me. I was angry, scared and afraid.” The mother said while hospitalized she prayed to God for recovery. “I LEFT THE HOUSE TELLING HIM HE WILL SEE HIS MOMMY AGAIN PLEASE TAKE ME BACK HOME!” she wrote. 

Brandi concluded her statement saying, “I love you again I can’t explain to you how thankful I am to have a Prayer Warrior Family like you❤️😘❤️😘.”

When news broke that Brandi had contracted COVID-19, her fan base grew extremely worried, given her medical history. In 2007, Brandi fought and won her battle with ovarian cancer. She went into remission two years later but had since shown no symptoms of the illness returning. 

Fans flooded the star’s comment section with more kind words, happy to hear that she was back home and recovering. “Welcome to the “Kingdom of God Sis” 🙌🏽 Glory to the father! And we are all praying you through. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.. ❤🙏🏽,”  one user wrote. Another commented, “WOW!! God Bless You Baby, keep fighting the battle you have already won. Peace be with you Sis.”

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