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‘That Food Hitting His Soul’: Marjorie Harvey’s 1-Year-Old Grandson Dances for the ‘Gram After He Tastes Her Cooking

It seems Marjorie Harvey has found the way to her grandchildren’s hearts, and it’s apparently through her cooking.

The mother of three hung out with her grandson Ezra Harvey over the weekend and they evidently had a blast in the kitchen. Marjorie took to Instagram on Sunday, Aug. 30, and posted a video of the 1-year-old taste tasting her food.

Marjorie Harvey
Marjorie Harvey and grandson Ezra @marjorie_harvey

It’s unclear what Marjorie cooked, but the video began with baby Ezra chewing his food and looking up at the camera. Seconds later, he broke into full dance mode and started bouncing up and down.

Marjorie Harvey
Marjorie Harvey’s grandson Ezra Harvey @marjorieharvey/Instagram

“Is it good?” Majorie asked her grandson. The toddler replied with several head nods.

“He loves Nana’s cooking 🥰😂,” Marjorie wrote in the caption.

Followers gushed over the video, while fawning over baby Ezra’s cuteness.

“OMG he is sooo Handsome! You know it’s good when you start dancing❤️🥰,” a fan commented. Another person added, “He litterally just imatated Steve . That’s all I see Steve eating do his dance 🤣🤣😂.”

“The good food dance 💃 😋 💛💜,” someone else said. “Thought I was the only one who danced when the food got right! Lol too adorable”

One IG user quipped, “That food is hitting his soul. Too cute❤️.”

Marjorie’s son Jason Harvey and his wife, Amanda, welcomed Ezra in September 2018.

Ezra is the the fifth grandchild of Steve Harvey and his fashion blogger wife. The couple has a total of six grandchildren together, including Rose Harvey, 6; Elle Hawthorne, 5; Noah Harvey, 5; Benjamin “BJ” Troy Raymond II, 3; baby Ezra and 3-week-old Joey Harvey.

steve harvey
Steve Harvey spends quality time with his grandson. @marjorieharvey/Instagram

Although Steve and Marjorie love their grandkids, the talk show host made it clear that he’s ready for an empty house.

“My grandkids, they test me all the time,” he joked on a Dec. 10 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “I’m not as happy as most grandparents are. I don’t really get it.”

He continued, “That’s not how this is supposed to work. They supposed to come over and then go home.”

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