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Nene Leakes Deletes Her Instagram After a Former ‘Real Housewives’ Star Teased That She Won’t Be Returning to the Franchise

After a series of cryptic posts on social media, reality star Nene Leakes has deleted her Instagram account following allegations that she will not be returning to season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, fans noticed that the 52-year-old was missing from the social media platform — although her Twitter account is still active. Shortly before deleting her Instagram account, the reality star slid over to Twitter with a message that read, “Support Black Women, Protect Black Women!” She added, “You have no idea what they’ve been thru or the WEIGHT they have carried on their backs silently for yearsssssssssss. Thank you! Bye.”

Nene’s IG disappearing act comes after a former “Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge claimed on Tuesday, Aug. 25, to have heard that the Atlanta OG peach holder would not be coming back to the franchise. The spilled tea came amid Tamra saying farewell to “Real Housewives of New York” star Dorinda Medley in an Instagram post —Dorinda is also leaving the franchise. Tamra hashtagged several of the stars from different cities that were no longer part of their individual reality shows. Nene was among the names, but Tamra later removed the tags after fans called her out on adding Nene’s name to the list without the star’s confirmation.

Nene Leakes deletes Instagram following rumors that she won’t be returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. (Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram)

None of the other “RHOA” ladies seems to know the status of Nene’s return. Co-star and friend Cynthia Bailey revealed that she hadn’t seen the star. On Monday, Aug. 24, Cynthia told US Weekly, “I know she’s dealing with some contract stuff.” She added, “That’s not my business. I hope they work all that out.”

Nene recently has expressed several times on social media that her contract for the new season was still being negotiated, although production has resumed. On Thursday, Aug. 20, she shared two messages on Twitter that alluded to her parting ways with the reality show. “You do somebody wrong but want them to be quite [sic] about YOUR wrong doings! How does that work,” the first tweet read. In a follow-up tweet, the OG Housewife retweeted a fan who claimed she wouldn’t watch the show if she left. “If you leave we leave you forever,” the second message read. 

Nene has starred on all but one season of “RHOA” since the show’s premiere in 2008. However, she had noticeably less screen time during season 12 and even walked out early during the reunion.

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29 thoughts on “Nene Leakes Deletes Her Instagram After a Former ‘Real Housewives’ Star Teased That She Won’t Be Returning to the Franchise

  1. Audrey Rountree says:

    Be careful with these Rumors of Nene Leaks leaving…Because you will lose more then half your Audience know that..

  2. Anonymous says:

    When they were young they got away with drama but now that they are all rich and old they are boring to watch, casts need to all be updated on all of the HW shows. All they do is go on trips get drunk and fight because their jealous of each other…..,,

  3. Geesie says:

    Nobody cares.

  4. One big fan says:

    Love you NeNemake the show I’m not gonna watch it if you’re not on it and I’m sure there are plenty other people feel the same way I do you started this Wonderful reality show and you will always be the star

  5. If nene goes so does the show.

  6. Percis says:

    Thought you had some thick skin. This is too petty for you to make so much of a big deal. I think it’s more to it……not buying it.

  7. Kay says:

    I won’t be watching!!

  8. Uvonne Blount says:

    I like NeNe I think she should not get upset so much but she is a good part of the show. Please pay her so she will come back

  9. Joann Hooper says:

    We just boycott all reality shows. How about that! My cuz Oprah is not the only one who protested the women are being treated badly..

  10. Joann Hooper says:

    Time out for being a bully. I remember Teresa from the Real house of Jersey push Mr. Andy Cohen on tv in front of billions of people nothing happen to her! Let a black woman push him! Fired!!!!!!!! Let’s keep it real. People are caught doing bad things in reality shows and nothing happens to them. I want to talk with Andy Cohen and the producers. Please make this happen. Thank you!

  11. Joann Hooper says:

    Let me say this too, NeNe leaks has been treated badly from the beginning by costars. Everyone knows this. Jealousy is the root if this mess. African American co-stars as well as white costars are jealous of Mrs. neNe Leaks. The truth will set them free.

  12. Mary says:

    I can see others castmate being let go instead of Nene .Well I will take this show off my list.

  13. Dawn Cooper says:

    I’ve been watching RHOA since it came out in 2008 and the the former housewives like Kim Zolsiac and Sheree Whitfield have came back on the show, even if it was just one season. So given that Nene Leakes is such a big part of of the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back on there next season, since this season is being taped already. As far as the contract is concerned, that stuff can be worked out. But I like the show, so I’m still gonna watch it.

  14. Alice maxwell says:

    I really dont know how long I will be able to watch this hr long program, nene and porsha is the only life in these house wives. They do things but they are boring people. They even talk boring

  15. Anonymous says:

    Girl by, you won’t be missed. You keep up too much *hit.
    Go do you, and stop with all that plastic surgery. Love yourself the way God made you.

  16. Susan Worline says:

    Nene is too confrontational and ghetto. she brings it to the show and tries to act like it’s not mean and nasty but we all see you. We don’t want to see the shade thrown arguing and cussing all the time we liked the show better when Nene was gone!! We like to see the ladies being ladies.

  17. Dorothy J. says:

    NeNe is the show period. If she is gone then we are gone too!!!!!!

  18. Toni Garber says:

    You really need to move on. Your appearance is so insignificant. The shows success doesn’t revolve around you and you only. I don’t know where you get your superior attitude and how you think your above or better than anyone else. Please move on, the $ and conditions you are trying to negotiate this year are profoundly ridiculous. It’s not all about you. Remember that. You should be grateful for the time you were given to appear on the show.

  19. 150Bell.St#4107 Evans says:

    Give Nene Leakes her own show. Get Kenya Moore out of there I’d like to see at home with the Leakes.

  20. DONT says:

    Done if she leaves es ! Surprised at A C ! Kelly Rippers Friend !Black lives matter too

  21. Shirley says:

    I feel Bravo should pay the women their worth. As they do the white counterparts on the other shows. And stop riding the rem of these ladies hard work.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Time for her to leave

  23. Me says:

    That’s the way it goes when you get on these shows and act like a fool for that white man and his peanuts. When he have made top dollar off you, than he gets rid of you.Plus stop acting like they can’t do with out you. Like you can’t be replaced because you have been there for a while.

  24. Alice Martin says:

    The few of us that are Nene fans know that she LOVES a grand entrance 😁😁😁 she said what she said now and that’s it, so to ALL of you “HATERS” bye bihhh…..#WAITONIT 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😉😉😉🤩🤩🤩#teamnene

  25. Monique Jenkins says:

    Nene have kept things real from the beginning.
    I am a fan of the show. I’m saying to Nene keep bein real Grl unapologetically honest either they will Ove you, like you or leave you the Fuck alone!
    In that order period dot. I Luv Nene and I probably would watch anymore.

  26. Monique Jenkins says:

    Nene have kept things real from the beginning.
    I am a fan of the show. I’m saying to Nene keep bein real Grl unapologetically honest either they will Love you, like you or leave you the Fuck alone!
    In that order period dot. I Luv Nene and I probably would watch anymore.

  27. Mary says:

    Goodbye bravo channel. This is exactly what you have triwd to do for sometime, now you have it. I hope other fans follow and shut Bravo down for good. Nene, go with Mr. Perry you have talent.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Yes, if Nene does not comeback to the show, I will not be watching! Come on Bravo get her on!

  29. Evelyn Sanders says:

    If Nene leaves, I will not be watching the show anymore. I do know that many of her fans has said the same thing. My god, she is the star of the show.
    Let’s not allow Bravo use our ladies and then get rid of them or not be willing to pay them as they pay others like Kim Z.

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