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‘We’re Friends When It’s Convenient’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Miss Kitty Blasts Ryan for Not Having Her Back Against Ceaser Betrayal Comments

It seems Miss Kitty may be at odds with fellow friend and cast member Ryan Henry.

On the upcoming “Black Ink Crew Chicago” season premiere, which airs July 6 on VH1, the cast veteran questions her friendship with Henry after he doesn’t come to her defense against online critics. People accused the brand ambassador of betraying ex and “Black Ink Crew” boss Ceaser Emanuel after she formed a tight-knit bond with Henry. In addition, many fans blamed Kitty for Emanuel and Henry’s severed friendship after a rumor spread that she was sleeping with the Chicago native.

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry. (Photos: @ryanhenrytattoo/Instagram, @kitsovain/Instagram)

Kitty felt the 9MAG owner didn’t have her back amid the backlash and suggested their friendship was one-sided.

“It’s pretty unfair that I’m getting ridiculed on social media for something that has nothing to do with me,” Kitty said in her at home confessional. “Now I see. We’re friends when it’s convenient for you.”

Last season, Tati from “Black Ink Crew” New York claimed Kitty hooked up with Henry while she was still in a relationship with Emanuel.

Both Kitty and Henry denied the hearsay, although Emanuel didn’t believe them. The 9MAG boss said in a November Instagram Live video, “I ain’t hit nothing, man. Whatever they said I did, I ain’t did nothing. I ain’t did or said nothing. Ain’t nobody did nothing.”

Ceaser Emanuel
(From left) Miss Kitty, Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

It also didn’t help that Kitty and Henry were seemingly forming a romantic relationship. However, things took a drastic turn between the two friends when the tattoo artist tossed Kitty to the curb and seemingly got back together with his ex-girlfriend Rachel Leigh.

Viewers had mixed reactions to the entire Henry-Kitty saga.

One fan at the time wrote, “Awww poor Kitty!. Damn girl, Ryan really had you looking stupid the whole season! Talmabout “we in a relationship” when he see you but call y’all “friends” when he in the confessional. All that drama only for him to go back to RACHEL, if “tek mi fi ieeedat” had a face!”

Another added, “Kitty should’ve known. Any man that keeps going back to the same woman is a no for me. No woman will ever have Ryan to herself as long as Rachel’s around. He’s handsome but I’d never take him seriously.”

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