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‘Send Me the Link’: Fans Say Draya Michele Is Performing on OnlyFans After She Posts a Steamy Video

Draya Michele appears to be getting ready to release a steamy video. The former cast member of “Basketball Wives” announced on Tuesday, May 19 that she was working on a secret project. Michele posted a clip on Instagram that showed her modeling in what seemed to be her bedroom, while wearing a sexy black lingerie set.

The reality star added gold bangles, hoop earrings, and a necklace to enhance her dark apparel. At the beginning of the video, Michele filmed herself. The camera was zoomed in on her cleavage, but as the video progressed, viewers were able to get a glimpse of her entire outfit. Clad in a black lace bra and a high-waisted thong, the mother of two struck one pose by sitting seductively on a navy blue chaise. The montage consisted of close-up shots of her backside in addition to clips of Michele rubbing her body.

Draya Michele reveals she is working on a secret project. (Photo): @drayamichele/Instagram

Abiding by California’s stay-at-home mandates, the 35-year-old Michele hinted in her caption that her classified work was filmed at home. She wrote, “What have you been doing to stay busy: not much, cooking, makeup videos, working out, and stuff like this … LOADING #secretproject.”

Over 500,000 people watched her sizzling hot tape, with many fans assuming that Michele was starring in an OnlyFans video.

“Only fans?”

“OnlyFans on the way!!!! Send me the link!”


β€œOh you got an OnlyFans?? Let me shoot mine then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”

“You just had to do us like thatπŸ”₯.”

“Draya you can’t be dropping teaser videos like this at midnight. I need the full link immediately!”

“Is this for OnlyFansπŸ‘€?”

Draya Michele wearing a black bikini (Photo): @drayamichele/Instagram

Michele cleared up the rumors in an Instagram comment. When a fan asked her if she were dropping the full video on OnlyFans, she responded, “Not a chance.” OnlyFans, created in 2016, is a place where people can pay a subscription fee for photos and videos. The platform became a marketing tool for social media influencers and celebrities, but it’s known for its adult content. It’s unknown what Michele has in the works. However, a few fans believed she was preparing to release a lingerie line.

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