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‘Sis Can’t Even Lie: Reginae Carter Shuts Down Rumors That She Is Not Friends with Lori Harvey and Taina Williams, Fans Call BS

Reginae Carter broke her silence about her friendship with Lori Harvey and Taina Williams in a now-deleted Instagram Story on Sunday, May 17. Harvey celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Williams, Amaya Colon, and Asia Carter. The girls spent the holiday relaxing by the pool, soaking up the West Coast sun, and turning up with tequila margaritas. Reginae Carter, a friend of the group, was missing from the festivities, causing fans to believe Reginae fell out with her friends because of her voluptuous appearance.

“Doggone, I’mma speak on it now. Stop saying I don’t fit in, OK? Stop making up stories, OK guys? One, I have no problems with nobody, like, nobody. Like, it’s, um, it’s for real. I have no problems with anybody, OK? I have no problems with Taina, I have no problems with Lori, I have no problems with Asia,” an exasperated-sounding Reginae began.

(From left): Lori Harvey, Reginae Carter and Taina Williams (Photos: @loriharvey/Instagram, @colormenae/Instagram, @latainax3/Instagram)

“They are all my fr — they are all cool. … They are all my friends. We’re cool, we talk … we … it’s no problem. So for ya’ll to tell me how I don’t fit in with a group when them girls live in L.A. together, y’all, I live in Atlanta, OK? I live in Atlanta. So I can’t — I can’t show my beach body. I can’t show my beach body so, like, I can’t be in the pictures. So that’s what it is,” she added.

(From left): Amaya Colon, Taina Williams, Asia Carter and Lori Harvey @latainax3/Instagram

Carter cleared up the rumors, but fans still seem to believe that she is not friends with the girls.

“They definitely fell out.. & it happens in friendships. She could’ve just said they made up & moved on or not addressed it.”

“I love Nae but it was hard as h-ll to call them her “friends” 😫😂😂.”

“They’re all my fri- they’re all cool” LMFAOOOOOOOO now sis … we know but say less.”

“But why they not following each other 😫.”

“She stuttered twice when she was saying “they are my friends” 😩😭.”

“Sis can’t even lie.”

Reginae, a former cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” addressed her friendship with Williams in an April interview with Bossip, explaining that she and Williams, rapper Fabolous‘ stepdaughter, grew apart. She expressed that they still love each other and assured that they have no beef between them. Reginae unfollowed Williams on Instagram at the beginning of the year.

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Reginae put those rumors to an end!! via: @9magtv

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Reginae Carter addresses rumors about her friendship with Lori Harvey and Taina Williams. @theneighborhoodtalk2/Instagram

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