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Andre Harrell’s Son Gianni Harrell Posts Touching Words In First Message About His Father’s Death

Andre Harrell‘s son’s first message about the passing of his father was a mixture of reflection, funny words and thank yous.

Gianni Harrell posted the words to Instagram on Wednesday, May 13, nearly a week after the May 7 death of Andre Harrell from heart failure at the age of 59.

Andre Harrell’s son Gianni Harrell posted a touching message about his father’s passing. (Photo: @gianni/Instagram)

“Dad, I miss you so much. I love you so much. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but Destiny has a plan and I know you’ll never be too far away,” wrote Gianni Harrell.

“You’re still my super hero, life coach, personal comedian, twin, yoga partner, wingman, and best friend. I hope you’re making the most of your time in heaven and please give my love to grandma and @ladykp, as I miss them dearly,” he added, mentioning Kim Porter, who passed away in 2018.

The 25-year-old Harrell wrote those words next to a number of photos that show him and his father in different stages of their lives together. In one, his father holds him as a baby with his mother Wendy Credle next to them. Another shows Andre Harrell shooting hoops with him.

“I hope you’re spreading love, giving world class compliments, sharing fantastic outfit advice and terrible memes,” wrote the grieving son in another part of his message. “I also really hope you saw all the love the world was giving you on your way up. It gives me solace knowing how many lives you touched with your infinite wisdom and smile, boundless energy and immortal taste.”

“Mom and I will miss you tremendously but we are so so proud of you dad,” he added. “Thank you for showing that it’s all about leaving this earth better than how we find it. You definitely did. ❤️”

Many said they were touched by the post. Others said it was worded perfectly.

“You’ve put together such beautiful words when the rest of us can’t sum up the right ones to bring you peace,” somebody wrote on Instagram.

“Your father was a game changer 🤟🏽 sending you and all the ppl that loved him, all the love and light ☮️🌼💪🏽” a second person commented.

Since Harrell’s passing, Credle also has shared photos on Instagram. One included a family photo that showed both of them standing with their son.

Another one she shared comes from the Apollo Theater’s Instagram page that showed his name on the marquee of the beloved venue as a way to honor him.

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