Woman Calls 911, Threatens to Pull Gun on Black Men for Playing Their Music Too Loudly, Cop Tells Men ‘Not to Worry About Her’

A woman threatened and called the police on a group of Black men staying in an Airbnb home in her building.

A video displaying a disgruntled white woman calling the police on two men circulated on social media after it was shared on Monday. The clip began with the woman speaking to a dispatcher about the men. She gave them the address of the apartment building and claimed the men were unauthorized intruders.

A belligerent woman threatened and called the police on a group of young Black men because she didn’t like the volume of their music. (Photo: Screenshot/Donovan Cooper)

“It is a secure building. Yeah, I don’t know how they got in,” the woman told the dispatcher. They tried to explain they were staying in an Airbnb but the woman persisted.

She also shared their race, the clothes they were wearing and told the person she did not see any weapons. The men tried to break some of the tension by cracking jokes about her being barefoot while the woman was on the phone. Another man entered the scene and asked his friends what was going on.

The disagreement appeared to be over the volume of the music coming from the Airbnb rental. Although she was supposedly concerned about noise, woman began screaming at the men when she ended her phone call.

“You can go inside now, you did what you had to do,” one of the young men told the woman.

His comment sent the woman into a rage. She repeatedly told them to “shut the f–k up” and walked toward them aggressively.

“Get that f–king s–t out of my face,” she said.

When one of the men told her to back off, she threatened to produce a weapon.

“Oh, I’ll get my gun, you f–king a–hole,” the woman said.

“Oh, you’re gonna get your gun? We’re gonna show this to the cops when they get here,” one of the men told her.

The woman tried to push the men out of the door before she called 911 again to make sure the police were on the way.

“Y’all are f–king going to jail,” the woman muttered.

There were a couple of times when one of the guys tried to get his friend to stop filming the woman. The camera holder refused and explained why he had his phone out.

“We gotta do this for safety, bro,” he said. “You see she’s calling the cops.”

The video ended with the woman cursing at the men and demanding they turn the music off. The music was barely audible during the video, but the woman claimed she could “hear it from here.”

One of the young men involved, Marlen Jones, tweeted that the moments shown in the video were not the first time the white woman stepped to them.

“The lady had came upstairs banging on the door hard for about 2 mins when we finally answered the door she starts screaming ‘Turn the f—ing music down.’ So we do,” Jones recalled. “This is the video i recorded about an hour later when i went to go get some food.”

According to Donovan Cooper, Jones’ friend, the woman was belligerent from the start.

“All she had to do was go knock on their door and ask them to cut the music down,” an outraged viewer stated.

“She did knock on our door, but she was banging on the door like she was the police and the music wasn’t even that loud she was just being racist and this is not right!” Cooper responded.

Jones later tweeted that the police were blasé about the call when they arrived, saying, “The cops eventually come and we explain to them situation. They we’re cool and basically just told us not to worry about her, they get call like this all the time 🤦🏽‍♂️”


The clip went viral and was viewed more than 2 million times. The woman has not been identified, but some Twitter detectives believe she is a lawyer based in Virginia Beach. Atlanta Black Star reached out to Cooper and Jones and is awaiting a response.

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