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White Teens Who Created Racist Black People Recipe Video Claim Going Viral Ruined Their ‘Entire’ Lives, Beg For Sympathy

Two Georgia teens claim their lives have been ruined since they were expelled from their high school for posting a racist TikTok video.

The video was only 50 seconds long but it has caused Stephanie Freeman and Jeffrey Hume shame that will last for the foreseeable future. The video, posted on last Thursday, featured the pair sharing an imaginary recipe for creating Black people. They poured cups of water down a bathroom sink to represent ingredients referring to several stereotypes including fatherlessness, likelihood to commit crime and an obsession with fried chicken and watermelon. Hume also used the N-word in the footage.

Two Georgia teens claim their lives have been ruined since they were expelled from their high school for posting a racist TikTok video. (Photo: TikTok screenshots)

After a third party shared it on Twitter, the clip went viral on Friday as viewers expressed their outrage. Hume and Freeman were suspended from Carrollton High School as the fallout continued. In the days since, the pair have lost other opportunities.

After the fallout, an Instagram account attributed to Freeman apologized for her behavior, reported VT. She blamed Hume for inspiring her racism.

“I want to apologize for the abhorrent video I posted. I know in my heart how wrong it was,” she wrote in her IG story. “My BF is racist and he slowly normalized his racism on me. I believe blacks are human too, made in the image of Christ. I have disappointed God and I want to apologize.”

Freeman also begged people to stop contacting her college of choice and sending threats.

“Please don’t contact my college, it’s my future and one mistake should not ruin a life. Also please stop with the death threats, again I apologize. Sincerely, Steph.”

Older social media posts from Freeman suggested she was once accepted to the University of West Georgia, but West Georgia said there is “no record of anyone by this name admitted to the institution.”

A concerned Twitter user contacted the University of West Georgia to check if Stephanie Freeman had been admitted. (Photo: Twitter)

Hume was an independent wrestler for the World Wrestling Alliance, but he has been dropped since the controversy started, according to 411Mania.

“We at The WWA4 do not condone racism. As of 4/16/2020, Jeffery Hume’s (Jay Hunter) WWA4 membership was terminated,” the organization said in a statement. “We pride ourselves on being diverse, welcoming everyone. We are utterly disappointed, appalled, and disgusted. We welcome all races, sexes, religions and creeds.”

He was also kicked out of Victory Championship Wrestling.

“Effective immediately, Jay Hunter (Jeffery Hume) has been released by VCW and will no longer appear on our programming moving forward,” VCW said on Facebook.

“VCW demands the highest standards of professionalism from our locker room,” the statement continued. “We are an equal opportunity employer and value the diversity, talent, and abilities of our wrestlers to provide family-friendly competition and entertainment to our fans at live events, TV, and on the Internet.”

Hume also complained about his misfortune online.

Jeffrey Hume complained about the demise of his wrestling career on Instagram. (Photo: Twitter screenshots)

“Y’all have ruined my life, what’s wrong with you people,” he wrote. “I worked so hard for my wrestling career now in the blink of an eye it’s gone.”

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