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‘Where Is the Oldest?’: Mendeecees’ Family Pic with Yandy Smith Derails After Fans Raise Questions About Eldest Son and Foster Daughter

It looks like Mendeecees Harris and his wife Yandy Smith-Harris are getting hammered with questions about their family unit.

The father of four took to Instagram on Friday, April 10 and posted a photo that shows him, his wife and three children preparing to celebrate Easter together. He wrote in his caption, “Enjoying these moments! Happy Easter to you all..”

Mendeecees Harris
(Aasim Harris (L), Mendeecees Harris, Skylar Harris Yandy Smith-Harris and Omere Harris @mendeecees/Instagram

Harris’ family portrait showed him hugging his wife, their two children Skylar and Omere Harris and young Aasim, the son he shares with Erika D., an ex-girlfriend. Fans, however, noticed the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star’s eldest son Lil Mendeecees and his foster daughter Infinity Gilyard were absent from the photo.

“How come we never see any pics of you with your older ???”

“Where’s lil mendeecees 😭”

“Beautiful family. Where is your oldest son?”

“Wait, where’s Infinity??? Happy Easter ❤️”

Happy Easter 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Where is Little Mendeecces? He never posts Infinity either”

During season 8 of “LHHNY,” Harris’ ex-girlfriend Samantha blasted him for being an absentee father when it comes to their son, Mendeecees Jr. She also slammed Smith-Harris for pretending as if she were involved in the life of the younger Mendeecees. A few fans believed Harris’ past drama with Samantha was the reason his eldest son apparently didn’t spend Easter with them.

As for the couple’s foster daughter Gilyard, Smith-Harris already made it clear in her previous post that the father of four wasn’t allowed to be in the same household with Gilyard because of his felony conviction.

Mendeecees Harris
First photo: Mendeecees Jr. (L) and Mendeecees Harris @mendeecees. Second photo: Yandy Smith-Harris and Infinity Gilyard (front) @yandysmit/Instagram

In an Instagram post from February, fans accused Smith-Harris of kicking her foster daughter out of their home after her husband was released from prison. One person even wrote, “So Yandy booted the little girl.” Tired of the folks sticking their noise in her family’s business, the publicist fired back, “that’s funny? How do you think she’d feel reading you say this. Ofcourse it’s not true but how do you think it would make a CHILD feel?!!!! Kids should be off limits. Damn. It be your own kind.”

Harris, however, has not responded to critics.

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