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‘Ezra Is All of Us’: Steve Harvey’s and Marjorie 1-Year-Old Grandson Sheltering in Place Leaves Fans In Stitches

It looks like sheltering in place isn’t just having an affect on adults; it’s also affecting kids — if you ask “glam-ma” Marjorie Harvey.

Taking to Instagram, Marjorie Harvey posted a cute video that showed her and Steve Harvey‘s 1-year-old grandson caught in a daze. The mother of three posted to Instagram the evening of Monday, April 6 a video of baby Ezra seemingly hiding behind his sippy cup.

Marjorie Harvey
Ezra Harvey @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

The toddler appeared to be staring off into space until his dad, Jason Harvey, asked “Are you OK?” With drool on his lip, the child seemingly responded, “No.”

Marjorie Harvey poked fun at the adorable video and wrote, “Ezra….. I understand baby….. we all have questions. #quarantine #mood #grandson.”

Of course, her post received a lot of love from followers.

“Ezra is all of us. We are not okay! 😩😫🤣”

“😂 He’s so freakin cute…He looks Exactly like you❤️”

“I’m with him, he looked back like, “so now what you gonna gimme⁉️” ☺️😂❤️ #Babies 🤗”

“He’s as cute as a button! 🤣 I agree with Ezra we don’t know lol”

“Aww so CUTE!!😊 I feel that way too sometimes. Awww even the baby knows something isn’t right 😔😩”

“Me too sometimes Ezra but God🙏🏽. Cuuuute as all get out! The nicest experience is baby sitting your grandchild.😍”

Marjorie and Steve Harvey have a total of five grandchildren together, including Rose Harvey, 6; Elle Hawthorne, 5; Noah Harvey, 5; Benjamin “BJ” Troy Raymond II, 3; and baby Ezra.

Although the happy couple love their grandchildren, Steve made it clear that he’s ready for an empty house.

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey and his three grandsons Noah Harvey, Ezra Harvey and Benjamin “BJ” Raymond II @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram

“My grandkids, they test me all the time,” he says. “I’m not as happy as most grandparents are. I don’t really get it,” he said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Dec. 10.

“That’s not how this is supposed to work,” he continued. “They supposed to come over and then go home.”

He added on “Steve,” his now-canceled talk show, “I wanna be an empty nester.” Referring to his children, he continued, “They always bring ’em over and drop ’em off. And I’m going ‘Now, I been talking to my girl all day long. All we been talking about was what was gon’ happen tonight. Then, I get to the house and here they is!”

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