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‘How Is Karlie Wrong?’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Drag Sierra Gates for Mushing Karlie Redd In the Face Over Court Case Drama

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Sierra Gates is receiving a lot of backlash for her explosive fight with her friend Karlie Redd.

On the new season of “LHHATL,” Gates has been dealing with a lot of drama in her personal life, including a court case that could land her behind bars for 12 months. Gates said her ex-husband’s “baby mama” claimed that she physically assaulted her while pregnant.

Karlie Redd
Sierra Gates (L) and Karlie Redd (R) VH1 screengrabs

Gates, of course, denied the woman’s allegations and said she had witnesses to corroborate her story. One of the witnesses happened to be Redd, who agreed to testify on Gates’ behalf. However, on the day of Gates’ court hearing everything didn’t go as planned.

On the March 23 episode, Redd was on her way to court when she got stuck in traffic in downtown Atlanta. Not to mention, she said that Gates told her the wrong courtroom. The mishaps caused Redd to show up to court extremely late, which really teed Gates off.

Red and Gates eventually crossed paths with each other on the night of Gates’ big event and the two discussed the courtroom incident. Redd explained to Gates that she gave her the wrong courtroom and when she finally showed up, the mother of two was gone.

Gates apparently didn’t believe Redd and claimed a source told her that Redd intentionally didn’t show up because she didn’t take the stand. Redd slapped down the gossip and said she was still willing to testify for her. While Gates walked away, Redd discussed the incident with co-star Rasheeda Frost, which infuriated Gates more.

Gates rejoined the conversation and accused Redd of making the situation about herself. Things went downhill when Redd told her bestie to “keep that same energy” when she needed her to testify. Gates then pushed Redd’s face back with her hand and the two began fighting. Security instantly pulled the two women apart and escorted them out of the building.

LHHATL” viewers scolded Gates for assaulting Redd without reasoning.

“How is Karlie wrong? If Sierra gave the wrong courtroom that’s nobody fault, but hers. I feel like Sierra put her hands on Karlie for the cameras.. EXTRA ASF. i can tell karlie was hurt… and this time i felt for her 😩”

“Sierra stupid af! Putting hands on Karlie was highly unnecessary. Especially since it looks like Karlie really did try to be there.”

“Sierra took it too far, karlie aint deserve that. She has done her fair share of shit but that was too much. But we suppose to believe she is innocent in the other case? Sierra bye! 🙄🙄”

“Sierra is an attention seeker🙄 lost respect for her after this episode. She on tv crying..but ready to fight Karlie…If I was Karlie I would cut ties w/ Sierra & never speak too her again & send a message too her lawyer.”

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