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‘Thickiana’: Ashanti’s Post About How to Sing Properly Goes Left When Fans Would Rather Discuss Her Figure

Ashanti gave a quick singing tip to her followers, but many of them commented on something entirely different.

On Thursday, March 19, Ashanti uploaded a photo of herself on stage, and she’s wearing a sparkly bodysuit with red trim, which goes with her long, burgundy colored hair. She has her hand on her stomach as well.


“From the core ❤️,” she captioned the photo, which has been liked over 33,000 times since it’s been posted.

Afterward, in the comments, there were some who seemed to appreciate the singing advice, but more seemed to admire how Ashanti looked in the shot.

“Thickiana,” read one of the nearly 300 Instagram comments.

“Big hips 👀👍🏽,” a second fan wrote.

“Those legs drives me crazy beautiful 💙💙💙💙,” another person let Ashanti know.

“Like wine, baby🍷🍷🍷,” wrote another Instagram user.

Ashanti shared other photos of herself in the same outfit, and many of the comments under those mirrored what was written underneath the “From the core” shot.

One person called her “The new Wonder Woman” under the second pic, and another said she was like a “Cherry pie 🤤😍,” probably because of the red and burgundy she wore.

“Beautiful body 🌹🌹🌹🌹,” wrote someone under another photo.

“Wow!!!!!!!💯 those legs❤️,” another fan chimed in.

Plus, many of the comments had to do with the pandemic, because there were folks who thought the photos were taken recently, like in the past few days. Ashanti had captioned one of the photos “Raleigh, North Carolina,” possibly a reference to her “Millennium Tour” concert on March 13 in Raleigh’s PNC Arena. More than 5,000 people attended the event, and one of those fans has since tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, local outlets are reporting.

“Wtf ash,” someone wrote. “Aren’t u suppose to be inside washing your hands and s–t? Aiit. Pls take some caution.”

“Coronavirus ain’t stopping @ashanti at all, this must be old clips, any who stay safe and prayed up girl🙏❤,” another person stated.


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