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‘Snip Snip’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Yung Joc’s Fiancée Kendra Urging Him to Get a Vasectomy

Rapper Yung Joc and his fiancée Kendra Robinson have some serious issues to work out in their relationship before officially jumping the broom.

On the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 10 premiere, viewers were in for a shock when Robinson basically demanded that Joc get a vasectomy before they get married. The “It’s Going Down” rapper has eight kids by four different women, and Robinson said she refuses to be another “baby mama.”

Yung Joc
Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc @joclive/Instagram

Unlike her fiancé, Robinson doesn’t have any children or want any for that matter. She also has a promising career as an attorney and doesn’t want anything to affect it. During Monday night’s episode, Robinson scheduled a vasectomy for Joc without him completely agreeing with it.

Joc said in his confessional that he knew his bride-to-be didn’t want any children before he proposed to her, but he didn’t think she would make him try to “get fixed.”

“I want to tie the knot, I don’t want to tie my tubes,” Joc said in his confessional. “I just don’t know if I want to be known as the guy who can’t have kids anymore.”

Joc and Robinson later got into a big blowup when he got cold feet at the doctor’s office about getting his manhood snipped off. When Robinson suggested that Joc had too many children, he angrily responded, “Why you say it like I don’t be there for my kids. Don’t say it like that.”

He added in his confessional, “This is not the same Kendra I proposed to. She’s coming for my manhood, my fatherhood.”

Several “LHHATL fan agreed with Joc, while others sided with Robinson.

“Is it fair for Kendra to ask Yung Joc to get a vasectomy? Should she get her tubes tide since she doesn’t want to have any kids? Maybe, she just doesn’t want to have kids with him? 😒”

“I think it’s OK to not want to be “another baby momma”. However, expecting Yung Joc to get a whole ass snip snip as a rite of marriage and proof of love/loyalty is a bit… extreme”

“Get him fixed? Yung Joc need to come to a conclusion on his own to get a vasectomy an in reality Kendra is being selfish for not taking his feelings into consideration to not want to alter his own body”

“Kendra has a very valid point however, it’s still his choice 🤷🏼‍♀️. Although we feel it’s a good idea for him to do it, it’s not something any man should do if that’s not what he wants. Kendra knew who this man was and what he came with. She shouldn’t have accepted the proposal if this is something they are not on the same page about.”

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