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‘Hubba Hubba’: Evelyn Lozada Wows Fans with Sexy Swimsuit Pic

Evelyn Lozada got a lot of people hot and bothered, thanks to an Instagram photo that she posted of herself on Thursday, Feb. 27.

The pic shows her in a hip-bearing purple, red and pink swimsuit that’s cut high at the waist. Lozada is wearing big sunglasses with the Fendi logo on them as well. Her hair also looks wet and it falls way past her shoulders.

Evelyn Lozada shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit that people said they loved. (Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Peace, Love and Bikinis 👙,” Lozada wrote in the caption.

There was no doubt that her followers, both men and women, loved the pic. Some of them chose to comment on the swimsuit, while others had a lot to say about Lozada’s overall looks.

“Hubba Hubba 😍😍,” someone wrote.

“How you summertime fine in the winter,” asked another follower.

There were a good number of people who said they want Lozada to be their woman and one guy even made it an official goal of his.

“I’m gonna make you my basketball wife @evelynlozada 🤩🤩🤩🤩💯,” that person promised.

Meanwhile, another person wrote, “Ok then!!! Come thru Ev🔥.”

@evelynlozada Instagram

Lozada shared another pic of the swimsuit in a separate shot that’s in the same post. That photo is a selfie, and the Fendi prints on the glasses can be seen much better.

“Those Fendi Prints On shades tho 😍,” one comment read.

The post received over 11,000 likes in the first three hours it was up, and out of the nearly 200 comments left, people called Lozada “Beautiful,” “Gorgeous,” “A Hottie Mama🔥🌶🌞🌋🚿” and “Inspiring.”

“You look great all the time!” someone wrote.

“So bomb babe 😍,” read another comment.

Plus, there was one guy who said Lozada looks so good in the swimsuit, he just couldn’t take it.

“My head hurts 😰😰😰❤,” that person wrote.

@evelynlozada Instagram

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