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‘Is It a Setup?’: Alexis Skyy Fans Weigh In on Possibility of Her Getting Back With Trouble After Video Surfaces

It seems that some people believe that Alexis Skyy and the rapper Trouble are officially back together, and they have questions about it.

The chatter began after Trouble posted a video of himself and Skyy to his Instagram Story this week. The two were seen in a kitchen together as food bubbled on the stove top and baked in the oven. Trouble said a few words to Skyy in the video as well, which made her chuckle.

Alexis Skyy (L) and Trouble (R) were seen in a video together and it sparked chatter among their social media followers. (Photo: Prince Williams / WireImage via Getty Images)

“Is it a setup?” he asked in the clip, which some people mimicked afterwards. “Look at her face and let me know if it’s a setup.”

The two seemed to part ways last September after having an argument on social media.

So far, Neither Skyy or Trouble has said they’re back together. But the video has gotten some attention and people questioned if it was set up for attention or a real, authentic meeting between the two.

At least one person thought the video was posted just so it would get a reaction.

“I knew it was a setup when he commented under her pic ‘Me and Alexis good stop tagging me in all her pics’ and noone tagged him 🗣️🗣️🗣️,” that person wrote about Trouble.

Plus, another person had questions about the video after Skyy posted a message on Friday, Feb. 14, about Valentine’s Day.

“F–k Valentine’s Day 😭😭😭😭,” she wrote next to the photo, which shows her in a leather coat with fur on it. She also has her middle finger hoisted up.

While some appreciated Skyy’s message, as well as her outfit, others said they were confused.

“Won’t she just cooking for @troubledte6 the other day??😩😂?” someone asked.

“Dang trouble left you already😂,” wrote another one of Skyy’s followers.

“What happened to trouble 😩😩😩?” a third person wrote.

As for Skyy and Trouble’s September 2019 breakup, Skyy accused the rapper of not respecting her feelings.

“I been nothing but loyal n real,” she wrote on Instagram back then. “Some people just not ready or often sell us dreams. It’s life.”

“[Alexis] is doin’ it for the gram as they always do,” Trouble responded. “[She] jus ain’t for me.” 

“Don’t f—ing play with me,” Skyy wrote back. “I did nothing to ya but give 100%.. it’s sad that you can comment to Instagram sh-t but can’t call or text me for 2 days cause you in Vegas…. I’ll never dis ya name… I just Asked you to respect my feelings which you [do] not.”

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