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‘Shut Up Apryl!’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Slam Apryl Jones for Adding Her Two Cents in Fizz and Moniece’s Co-Parenting Discussion

It seems “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers are fed up with Apryl Jones‘ antics and opinions.

It’s no secret Jones, her boyfriend Lil Fizz and his ex-girlfriend Moniece Slaughter experienced a whirlwind of drama during this season of the show. The main reason stemmed from Fizz seemingly refusing to have a co-parenting relationship with Slaughter for their 9-year-old son Kamron. Jones also made matters worse after claiming Slaughter was still in love with Fizz.

Apryl Jones
(Fermi left) Moniece Slaughter, Lil Fizz, and Apryl Jones. (Photos: @monieceslaughter/Instagram, @airfizzo/Instagram, @apryljones/Instagram)

Nevertheless, on Monday night’s “LHHH” season 6 reunion special, Slaughter announced she was quitting the show for good. When Fizz was asked about Slaughter quitting the reality series, he went on to speak about their co-parenting efforts.

“I want her to know that if she needs the time and the space to get right, take that time, I’ll take on our child and make sure that he’s good, healthy, do everything he needs to do,” said Fizz. “But just know that you still gon’ have that relationship there with him. It’s always open to you. You’re his mom.”

Before Slaughter could respond to Fizz, Jones chimed in and added, “I’m rooting for them to be able to co-parent — hell, I’m rooting for my situation too! I wish her nothing but the best.”

Many “LHHH” viewers felt Jones overstepped her boundaries when interjecting on Fizz and Slaughter’s conversation.

“Shut up Apryl! Ugh 👏 she always has to make the convo based on her. So full of it. It’s between them two”

“Apryl why are you talking? This has nothing to do with you! She has talk way too damn much all season. smh girl sit down”

“I feel like apryl need to shut tf up like girl shhh it’s a Kodak moment shhh.. When it comes to their child shhh ur not even his mom. Shhhhhh damn”

“😩 How are you rooting for them Apryl? You’ve done nothing but attack her parenting? Girl just shut up”

Fizz claimed his co-parenting relationship with Slaughter was nonexistent because of the drama she brings. Slaughter, on the other hand, blasted Fizz and claimed he was “broken.”

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