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‘This is the Narrative They Push’: Damon Dash Blasts Report That Says He’s Broke and Can’t Pay a $2,400 Debt

Damon Dash has responded to a report that said he’s unable to pay $2,400 that’s attached to an ongoing business lawsuit.

The report also included a legal document that Dash allegedly filed, where he claimed to not have any money coming in, which is why he can’t pay the debt.

Damon Dash ripped a report that said he’s broke. (Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“I submit this declaration attesting to the present financial hardship that I am facing, which is why I have not been able to pay the deposition transcript costs,” it says in the document.

“I [do] not have a salary or income but depend solely on my business to provide me with some personal income,” it continued. “This personal income is virtually non-existent in recent time except for some one-off television projects and one substantial settlement with Lee Daniels, an Academy Award-nominated director.

That settlement Dash wrote about came after he angrily approached Daniels on June 16, 2018, at a Diana Ross concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder gave Daniels $2 million when he was an up-and-coming filmmaker as an investment. But he never got that money back, which is why he approached “The Butler” director at the Ross concert.

But based on what Dash wrote in the court document, it appears creditors have garnished some of that money, although that wasn’t plainly stated.

The 48-year-old also said his fiancée Raquel Horn is pregnant, which she’s been posting about on Instagram, and that has also contributed to his lack of finances.

Dash’s response to the report came Thursday, and he said the whole purpose of it is to make him and other Black men look bad.

“Perfect example of how they always trying to make a strong independent black man look broke,” he wrote. “This is the narrative they push no mention of my 24 network or my streaming service…or my galleries just bubblegum sh–.”

“@tmz_tv y’all corny for that but the agenda is clear,” added Dash. “Keep it up …I’m gonna keep making examples of y’all by winning…y’all been saying the same sh– for 12 years ….soldiers will never understand generals…. 2 different languages.”

Back in September, Dash reportedly filed legal documents asking a judge to let him out of his child support for his 19-year-old daughter Ava, who he shares with his ex-wife Rachel Roy.

The rap exec said he no longer makes the same money as he did when he agreed to pay $6,000 a month for Ava and his other daughter with Roy, Tallulah — especially since Ava is above 18 years of age.

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