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‘Sorry to My Lashes’: Tamar Braxton Warns Fans to ‘Pick Ya Lash Girl Wisely’ After This Happened to Her

Tamar Braxton made fans shudder in fear after she revealed one of her most recent beauty horror stories.

The “Love and War” crooner took to Instagram on Monday, Nov. 4, and posted a makeup-free photo of herself with her natural eyelashes missing. She took a selfie, opened her eyes wide and stared down at her camera.

With two to three eyelashes on each eye, Braxton urged her followers to choose “wisely” when picking an employee to put on their fake lashes.

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Tamar Braxton
(Tamar Braxton @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

“Ladies pick ya lash girl wisely!!” the mother of one wrote in her caption. “They don’t have NO love for you if u walking around like this!!😫😂😩🙏🏼 #sorrytomylashes”

Her post received over 1,950 mixed reactions from IG followers, all within 60 minutes of her posting her eyelash-less pic.

“Whew chile! If these lashes walked right by me I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to these lashes 😂😂”

“No ma’am what the Helll 🤣 bish this is scary af 😳😬 oh my goodness, blastem sis”

“🤣 I call them struggle lashes use some black castor oil on a mascara brush or vitamin E oil to restore your lashes”

“What the what Ooo my..😩 sis u gotta stop messing with these lash places and homegrown them.. Cause this ain’t it”

Braxton’s post comes days after her recent thankful memo she tweeted on Oct. 31.

“Everything I’ve lost, God is going to give right back and more…but THIS time, it will actually belong to me,” she wrote. “I’ll keep it All forever!! I can’t believe he loves me THIS much!!! If he knows MY name, he knows yours too!!! GLORY! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso (left) and Tamar Braxton (right). (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

The 42-year-old crooner certainly has a lot to be thankful for nowadays, including her love life. She’s been dating The Pacific Group CEO David Adefeso for going on two years, and he’s been able to see the progress the star has made to wade past her prior pain.

In May, Adefeso explained how Braxton battled through her hardships in a lengthy Instagram comment.

“I have seen her go through a lot these past 12 months. It’s been real tough sometimes,” he said. “It takes a lifetime for many of us to recover from what she went through the last 2-3 years … Many would’ve run and hid, maybe given up the race. But Tamar chose to stay and fight. … You have my full support my African Queen…together forever!”

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