‘Todd Is a Todd?’: Kandi Burruss’ Family Costume Goes Over Some Fans’ Heads


A photo of Kandi Burruss family’s Halloween costumes has fans puzzled, particularly when it comes to Todd Tucker’s attire.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded a photo of herself, husband Tucker and their son Ace Wells Tucker to her Instagram page on Thursday. Ace was an astronaut, while his mom was clearly dressed as a lion. More specifically, she was Scar from “The Lion King,” as evidenced by the scar over her eye.

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But what was not clear was Tucker’s costume. In his own words, “I hate dressing up for Halloween!” But he noted when he does participate in the festivities, “I try do as least as possible!” As he and his wife urged their Instagram followers to guess who he was, some felt he took the path of least resistance.

“Todd is a Todd ?”

“You are a lion from lion king, Ace an astronaut, Todd is himself on a Tuesday lol”

“I wouldn’t say Todd went all out.”

“Todd went as Todd 😩🤣 love them!!”

“So Todd is TODD for halloween ????🤔🤔🤔”

“Todd always messing something up. He never participates or even dress up at formal parties.”

kandi burruss
(From left) Kandi Burruss, Ace Wells Tucker, Todd Tucker. (Photo: @kandi/Instagram)

However, by simply playing the audio that accompanied Tucker’s hooded vest selfie, it was clear that the Old Lady Gang restaurant owner was portraying Ghost from “Power.”

And several fans accurately guessed Tucker’s costume.

“😂😂😂😂 You supposed to be Ghost?”

“Come thru Ghost”

“Todd is ghost after he kill somebody 🤣🤣😂😂”

“You some kinda good looking to me boiiiiiiiii ! I’m just saying GHOST”

“Ghost from Power 😅”

While Tucker managed to have some fun with this year’s costume, a glimpse at past family Halloween attire shows he hasn’t always been so enthused.

An example of that came back in 2017. That year, Burruss’ daughter, Riley, who is Tucker’s stepdaughter, was a harlequin, while her younger brother dressed as an NBA player. Burruss was a pea pod, and Tucker was Mr. Potato Head. While Riley and Burruss were all smiles in the family photo, Tucker’s blank stare instantly caught fans’ attention.

“Why is Todd mr. Potato head? He don’t look happy😂😂😂”

“Family Time great, although @todd167 doesn’t look happy.”

“Lol … look at Todd … he not a happy camper”

kandi burruss
(From left) Ace Wells Tucker, Riley Burruss, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. (Photo: @kandi/Instagram)

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