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‘I Ain’t S***’: Steve Harvey Dishes on the Main Thing He Abides by to Keep Marriage to Marjorie Harvey Intact

Steve Harvey has been married to wife Marjorie Harvey for the last 12 years, and he’s learned a thing or two about keeping his wife happy.

Explaining on the segment “Rolling with Steve Harvey,” that was tweeted Oct. 28, the former “Steve” host illustrated what he’s learned through a story. The theme? A set of Lamborghini massage chairs; one he hoped to put in his man cave in Atlanta and the other in his office in Los Angeles.

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“She said, ‘OK, you can have the one in your man cave in Atlanta, but you can’t put no Lamborghini chair in the L.A. house. … You’re not putting no massage chair in your office,'” Harvey recalled his bride telling him. When he asked why not, Marjorie replied, “’Cause now you think you’re gon’ be laying in that chair and staying downstairs all night when I done told you, you got to start coming to bed because you keep falling asleep downstairs in the office.”

Steve reasoned that the doctor told him he needs to get more rest, but Marjorie insisted that the chair should at least be in the TV room near to the bedroom so that if she needs something, she can reach him.

“I don’t know who made the system this way, but the woman is so powerful in the house,” Harvey says after explaining his wife doesn’t work and he’s the sole breadwinner. “Right here, I’m the man. At ‘Family Feud,’ I’m the man. At the radio show, I’m the man. On ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ I’m the man, I got to ‘Showtime at the Apollo,’ I’m the man. I go home, I ain’t s—!”

Steve said he explained to his sons why he gives in to his wife — so he adheres to the main rule of marriage.

“The No. 1 rule to stay married — every man should remember this — you can be happy, or you can be right. That’s it. So I just go along with her, whatever she wanna do.”

But while Harvey’s advice received a round of applause from his studio audience, commenters weren’t quite so sure.

“As men, we have lost manhood. That you can be happy or be right rule only applies to men that are needy. Learn how to be single and fun by yourself.”

“So my future wife will make my life hell just because she wants to and i have to deal with it ? What do i get out of that exchange?”

“Be right and happy sorry steve if my wife can have a walk in closet full of nothing but shoes I can certainly buy two Lamborghini massage chairs that’s only fair”

Still, the advice seems to be working for Steve and Marjorie, who are still going strong despite persistent rumors claiming their union is falling apart. Last month, the claims made a resurgence when Marjorie was seen hiking the Trona Pinnacles in California sans her wedding ring.

However, the couple was more united than ever when Marjorie celebrated her 55th birthday earlier this month.

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