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Two Men Named in the Shooting Death of BIG3 Basketball Player Andre Emmett

Two men have been named in the shooting death of BIG3 basketball player Andre Emmett, who was murdered on Sept. 23 in front of his home in Dallas, Texas.

A local NBC affiliate reports the suspects are 29-year-old Michael Lucky and 32-year-old Keith Johnson, and Johnson is currently behind bars on a separate charge. He’s also being kept on more than $500,000 bail. Lucky is said to still be on the run, and police have yet to name the actual shooter.

Two men have been named in the murder of professional basketball player and former Texas Tech star Andre Emmett. (Photo: Jamie Squire / Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

Police released video footage of the incident last month, where the former Texas Tech player was told not to move by some men, who also said “we want everything.”

He then can be seen running away, and one of the men follows him and fires a pistol. Someone eventually saw Emmett lying on the ground, phoned 911 and he later died at the hospital from his injuries at 37 years old.

The two men are now facing capital murder charges, and police also released photos of a watch and necklace that were taken from Emmett.

Before joining Ice Cube‘s BIG3 as a member of 3’s Company and eventually becoming the second highest scorer in the league, Emmett played for the Texas Tech Red Raiders from 2001 to 2004. It was there, he became the school’s highest scorer ever with 2,256 total points.

The 6’5″ guard was then drafted to the NBA in 2004, where he played for the Seattle Supersonics, Memphis Grizzlies and the New Jersey Nets.

“He didn’t deserve this,” Emmett’s sister, who wasn’t named, told “There’s not one bad thing that I think anybody could say about him. He touched a lot of people’s lives, a lot of people’s hearts and a lot of people looked up to him.” 

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