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‘Shut Up Donna’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Boss Ceaser Emanuel Spazzes Out on Donna, and Fans Have Mixed Reactions

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” boss Ceaser Emanuel is back at it again with his employee Donna Lombardi.

It’s no secret that Emanuel and Lombardi aren’t the best of friends, but they’ve seemingly learned how to tolerate each other at the shop. Their cordial dynamic, however, was tested when Lombardi seemingly overstepped her boundaries as Emanuel’s employee, giving her input on how he should handle his business decisions. The shop owner didn’t take her remarks too lightly and ended up going berserk on his entire staff.

Donna Lombardi
Ceaser Emanuel and Donna Lombardi. (Photos: VH1 screenshots)

During the Oct. 16 episode, Emanuel was determined to open a tattoo shop in Brooklyn. He supposedly was given the green light from the City Council and had no second thoughts about opening shop there, although his right-hand man and cousin Teddy Ruks did.

Emanuel was talking to his employees about the new shop he was planning to open, and that’s when Lombardi voiced her concerns. She told the entrepreneur that she didn’t think it was safe to open shop at the location. She brought up how other tattoo shops in the area didn’t want the crew there and even threatened them on social media.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel. (Photo: VH1 screenshot)

The shop owner, whose best friend Corey was shot and killed in the very first shop he had in Brooklyn, felt Lombardi overstepped her boundaries as his employee. He also still blamed himself for his best friend’s murder, which apparently caused his blowup on Lombardi and staffers, kicking them all out of the shop. It’s unclear when Corey lost life.

“Black Ink Crew” viewers had mixed reactions to Emanuel’s blowup on Lombardi and the staff.

“Cease just proved @donnadadondada right 🤦🏾‍♀️ . If his friend was killed there in a shop she had every right to feel that way.”

“So sick of fu–ing Donna thinking she runs s–t in the shop and in the mfing show .. It’s too many bosses when it should be one. smh S–t getting played the f–k out bring back sky pleaseeeeee”

“Ok I get why he’s mad but she didn’t know that n on top that he low key proved her whole point. My girl donna was right she wasn’t wrong at all. She want them to be safe.”

“😮 Donna had no right 💖 who is she. To say what it should be done or delegate his business. Shut up Donna”

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