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‘Beef Cake’: 50 Cent’s New Appearance Sends the Internet Into a Frenzy

50 Cent really bulked up for a new TV show that he’s filming, and it’s driving social media wild.

He shared a photo of his new look Tuesday on Instagram, and it shows him in a red prison uniform leaning on a prison fence. The weight gain is easy to spot too, mainly in 50’s face and neck area, but his upper body looks heavier as well.

@50cent Instagram

“My New ABC show is intense,” wrote the rapper and actor. “I filmed yesterday I’m still bugging 🤦‍♂️ I gained 15 pounds for this role.”

Fif’s new show is a legal drama called “For Life,” and it’s based on the story of Isaac Wright Jr., who, after being falsely convicted of running a major drug network in the New York and New Jersey area, became a lawyer.

The actress Joy Bryant is also among the cast, which serves as a reunion, because she co-starred with 50 in his 2005 film “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.”

“Let’s keep it real,” someone wrote on Instagram about the weight gain. “You gained 20lbs and it wasn’t for the role. You just eating too good.”

“Lookin like Biz Markie,” another person commented.

“50 looks about 50,” wrote a third follower.

But aside from the teasing, some of Fif’s female followers said they liked the extra pounds, and it hasn’t changed their level of admiration for him.

“The weight look good,” one person let him know.

“Baby that’s alright you still look great my husband,”❤️❤️❤️ wrote another.

And another person simply wrote the words “Beef Cake 😍.”

“For Life” stars Jamaican-English actor Nicholas Pinnock, and his character won’t only be trying to overturn his own conviction as a lawyer, he’ll also be fighting cases for his fellow inmates.

“His quest for freedom is driven by his desperate desire to get back to the family he loves and reclaim the life that was stolen from him,” ABC describes.

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