“That S–t Is Wack”: 50 Cent Criticized for Buying His 7-Year-Old Son This For His Birthday

50 Cent‘s youngest son Sire celebrated his 7th birthday earlier this month, and the rapper brought him a pricey looking gold chain as a gift. He shared a photo of the piece Sunday on Instagram, and some thought it wasn’t the best present to give a little kid.

According to TheBlast, 50 and Sire’s mother Daphne Joy threw their son a Roblox themed party on Sept. 2, his actual birthday. And Chris Brown‘s daughter Royalty was also in attendance.

The chain appears to be made of gold and yellow diamonds, and it says “Sire” in big bulky letters. The estimated cost is said to be $50,000, but there’s no word if that’s how much 50 actually paid for it.

“SIRE Little BOSS DRIP💧,” wrote the New York raised rapper in the caption of the photo.

Afterward, people said their main problem with the gift is that it sends the wrong message, and his little guy may become spoiled.

“Don’t spoil the kid n—a,” one person wrote. “Let him get his own drip.”

“That sh-t is wack @50cent,” another person let him know.

There were also people who said they were concerned that someone would take the chain from Sire if he wears it outside.

“Dnt give that lil guy that fif!” one person wrote. “Bum Mfz b too broke thirsty n starving out here these days!!! They will take his whole lil neck for that thang😒 unless he walkin wit daddy of course.”

Some also brought up 50’s eldest son Marquise Jackson, who he’s been estranged from for years now, and they said Jackson should be getting the same good treatment as Sire.

“What about your 1st born?” one person asked the rapper.

But for the most part, people seemed to like the chain, and they called 50 a good father for buying it.


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