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‘Adorable and Unbothered’; Porsha Williams Fans Amazed at Baby PJ Sitting Still for Cornrows

Porsha Williams’ baby just showed proof that she is truly becoming a big girl.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded to Instagram Sunday a video of 5-month-old Pilar Jhena sitting perfectly still while her paternal grandmother braided her hair.

“Getting fresh on yall🔥 thank you Gramdma @ablessing2u2 💋💋 #5months,” read the caption of the video posted to Pilar’s official Instagram account Sept. 15.

As Dennis McKinley’s mother Gina styled PJ’s hair into cornrows, the little one didn’t wriggle around or cry out in discomfort like many babies might. Instead, Pilar, who was wearing a diaper and a pink bib, sat up with the bottoms of her feet touching as she watched a video of “The Wheels on the Bus” on a tablet in front of her. Even as Grandma Gina parted PJ’s hair for another cornrow, Pilar kept her eyes on the video.

PJ’s Instagram followers were impressed by what they saw and they couldn’t help but rave in the comments section as a result.

“Adorable 💗 & Unbothered”

“She’s a big girl. Wow I’ve never seen a baby this calm while getting their hair done lol. 😘😘😘”

“Nah PJ been here before. Ain’t no baby gonna sit there like that.”

“So blessed she isn’t tender headed❤️😩”

“I know grown people that doesn’t sit that still great job PJ.”

And despite PJ not appearing to show any signs of discomfort, some pleaded with Williams not to manipulate the little one’s hair. That prompted others to defend the action.

“Don’t braid her hair so tight. She is still a baby”

“@porsha4real she is so pretty. I also wish yall would stay out her hair..she dont have 4a/b/c hair. I know you dont want her bald before she gets old enough for you to do all that. Continue with headbands and bows like you been got forever with Pilar..💯❤️”

“Why are you braiding that babies hair 😢”

One fan replied in part, “@gabrialadibella her hair is NOT tight! If it was do you think PJ would be sitting still unbothered.”

“Some people are so ignorant. Braids are no where near her edges 🙄 and she’s not even braiding tight,” another said in response to the critics.

Williams made it clear even before she gave birth to Pilar in March that she plans on spoiling her daughter with traditionally girlie things, counting clothing among them.

“Remember back in the day when they used to have the ruffle socks and the patent leather shoes and the big ruffle dresses with the flowers?” she gushed to E! in November after learning she was expecting a girl. “I wanna have my little girl looking like a little baby doll.”

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