‘I’m in These Damn Woods and I’m Probably Hungry’: Steve Harvey Alerts Fans to His Whereabouts as He Engages in ‘Country Boy’ Workout


Steve Harvey went on a continent-spanning vacation with his wife and their family this summer, and the result was him packing on a few extra pounds. But in an effort to melt them off, his pal took him for a hike in the woods — much to Harvey’s dismay.

“I’m out in the woods with this crazy-ass dude right here,” the former talk show host says of natural and holistic health practitioner Ladell Hill in an Instagram video uploaded to his account on Sept. 9. “If anything happen to me, just know that I’m in the woods somewhere in North Georgia, north of Marietta. He done brought me out here, I don’t know where we at …

“Now, I’m a country boy, but we ain’t got a knife, gun, nothing, and it’s water down there,” Harvey continues, panning the camera to a small body of water below him and Hill in the wooded area. After repeating his rough location, he says he’s “trying to get some of this vacation fat off of me. We gon’ get it done. … We in it to win it.

“If y’all don’t hear from me in the next couple of days, I’m in these damn woods and I’m probably hungry,” Harvey concludes.

“Getting it in ….. country boy workout @theladellhill,” the comic captioned the footage.

In the comments, many fans were left cracking up.

“Just Run Fast As Hell 😂😂😂”

“😂😂😂 Need the military on stand by Steve😂”

“Lol no weapons? Black people don’t go to the woods without protection 🤣. I guess you’re planning to climb the trees if anything start happening 🤣. Keep us posted. Lol”

“😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @erinwhall he is sooooooo funny. LOVE HIM”

Even Harvey’s family, including wife Marjorie Harvey and daughter Brandi Harvey, reacted to the humorous footage. Marjorie commented, “How in the world did he convince you to hike?” and Brandi left several rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

Steve’s summer was spent enjoying the views of Italy and Monaco but it took an emotional turn when he and his family visited the slave trade castles of Ghana. Namely, the Harveys toured the Elmina Castle in Elmina, Ghana. TMZ reported the family saw how enslaved Africans were forced into small spaces with little light or air getting through. Some members of the Harvey clan reportedly put on the chains Europeans used to shackle enslaved Africans.

“This was real pain I felt going back to Ghana’s slave castles…I could feel my ancestors on me… Powerful beyond words that I can explain,” Harvey said in the caption of a video of the visit that moved him and his wife to tears. “I encourage as many of you as possible to go HOME for your ancestors. Their strength is in each of us and we must honor their ultimate sacrifice in all that we do. #TheYearofTheReturn.”

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