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Shade? Wendy Williams’ Comedy Special Reportedly Will Use 50 Cent’s Production Team

“If you can’t beat them join them” and “keep your enemies closer.” Those are just two of the sayings that people can say Wendy Williams may now be following.

Because it was recently announced that she’s working with the production company Back Roads Entertainment, who worked on 50 Cent‘s BET Show “50 Central.”

Wendy Williams (L) is reportedly using 50 Cent’s (R) production team for her comedy special. (Photo: MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin / GC Images via Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

The partnership is for Williams’ comedy stand-up comedy special “Wendy Williams & Friends Presents: For The Record,” according to Deadline, and she’s pitching it to networks and streaming companies next week.

The irony here is the talk show host and 50 have been archenemies for a while, and both have blasted each other.

The first round of their beef began in 2018 after Williams implied the rapper is gay on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Fif pretty much kept the insults going towards the talk show host after that and made fun of her marital problems to estranged husband Kevin Hunter. He also said negative things about her looks.

And proof they’re still beefing surfaced as recently as a few weeks ago, when 50 seemed to make it difficult for Williams to enter one of his parties.

“🤔you can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. 🤨B–h wait out side,” he wrote on Instagram.

As far as the comedy special, it’ll be 90-minutes long and show Williams talking about her personal life, marriage woes and other stories she’s been involved in that made headlines. It’ll have other comics too, including Royale Watkins, Carmen Barton, Mark Viera and Kristen Sivills.

The news of the comedy special comes after Williams announced her “For The Record … Umm Hmm!” comedy tour, and she explained why the special was put together in the first place.

“Listen, people are talking about me and my life, but they have no idea,” she said, according to Deadline. “And since comedy has always been the best source of therapy for me, I’m using this special to tell some really good stories and have my comedian friends do some great comedy we can all relate to.”

50 hasn’t commented on the fact that Williams is using his former production team, but the production team has and their excitement is palpable.

“Wendy is everyone’s big sister and viewers trust her to approach any deeply personal topic from a fun and positive place,” said Back Roads Entertainment’s Colby Gaines.

“This special gives her the opportunity to infuse her one of a kind energy and humor into the stand-up environment and also allows her the opportunity to address her own personal headlines and rumors once and for all,” he added.

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