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‘You Got a Lot a Nerve’: Malaysia Pargo’s Talk About Her Naturally Long Hair Goes Sideways When Fans Speculate About a Bun in the Oven

Malaysia Pargo has been a staple of reality TV for some time now, and as her fanbase has grown, apparently so have questions her followers have had about whether or not her thick tresses are all her own. But as Pargo tried to answer that question, a new question recently arose.

The star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” recently showed off her hair in a video explaining it is all her own.

malaysia pargo

“Hey, guys! Bear with me because I am under the weather, but I just wanted to make sure that I share with you a little secret,” she begins in the video. Pargo explained further that she blow-dried her shoulder-length hair after removing the butt-length braids she sported on her trip to Bali for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

“So as you guys have questioned… yes this is my real hair and it’s real healthy,” she wrote in part in the caption.

Fans initially raved about the volume and apparent health of the reality star’s hair.

“Girl your hair is absolutely beautiful 😍”

“😍😍 all that hair ♥️”

“Your natural hair is so beautiful 😍”

But others paid more attention to Pargo’s shape in the video and believed that her seemingly fuller figure meant she was expecting.

“She giving me pregnant vibes with this glow 😍”

“Is she pregnant??🤔🤔”

“She pregnant she glowing! Pregnant stance and all it’s in her face.”

“Umm is she pregnant because bae bay she big.”

However, other fans soon stepped in to slam folks’ for speculating about the state of Pargo’s body.

“@al.b.braiding you got a lot of nerve …” someone replied to one of the pregnancy remarks.

“You people are tacky and have no class. Talking about her weight and asking if she’s pregnant…ugh.”

“@mrssmith0710 Wys !! They act like celebrities are not real people what difference does it make if she’s gained weight or if she is pregnant she still a beautiful black woman to me,” someone else agreed.

Talk of Pargo’s weight started after fans saw a series of pics the reality star posted during her trip to the Indonesian island for her 39th birthday. While there was some negativity spewed, the chatter skewed positive at the time.

“Damn I see you!!! Looking like a full grown snack!!!”

“I’m loving her thickness..🔥🔥🔥🔥”

Pargo has appeared to take the most recent comments about her figure in stride by not even responding. But that is not the case on “Basketball Wives.” She’s been trying to get to the bottom of who spread a rumor about her finances and living situation.

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