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‘Why Do Y’all Always Assume the Worst?’: Kandi Burruss Hits Back After Follower Asks About Stepdaughter’s Whereabouts

A fun family moment of Kandi Burruss and her clan taking part in a new musical internet challenge quickly changed its tune once fans began inquiring about the whereabouts of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s stepdaughter.

Burruss uploaded a video of herself with 16-year-old Riley Burruss taking part in the “Blessings On Me” challenge, which comes courtesy of actor and songwriter JeVon DeWand’s new song. The track, which features record producer Jazze Pha and 112 singer Q Parker among others, touts a message of receiving blessings no matter the circumstances of life.

The clip, which Burruss posted to Instagram Sunday, August 18, goes back and forth between the singer and Riley and the star’s son and husband, Ace and Todd Tucker. As fans saw the family dancing in the footage, they raved about the bond between Burruss and her oldest child and the family as a whole.

“Y’all are to freakin cute I love the mother daughter relationship.”

“Man y’all sooo dope! I love it 😘”

“I love it❤️❤️ Thanks for the motivation this morning @kandi @rileyburruss @todd167 @acewellstucker.”

However, some began to comment about the absence of Kaela Tucker, Todd’s daughter.

“Where’s Todd’s @todd167 daughter @kpt__ ? You never see her dancing or hanging with the family, especially with @kandi. You guys have a e beautiful family.”

“Where is stepsister/daughter…she don’t like to hangout with the fam.”

“@vera3624123 exactly i see no pictures or videos with family..kind of weird,” someone else replied.

The remark led Burruss to reply to effectively shut down the chatter.

“@vera3624123 why do y’all always assume the worst? She’s in NYC if you most know & you should follow her so that you can keep up. Her IG is @kpt__ . Have a blessed Sunday!” the Xscape singer replied.

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Fans have sounded off before about the apparent lack of balance there is between Tucker’s daughter, Burruss’ child and the son they share together.

In December, Tucker posted a photo with 23-year-old Kaela on a family vacation.

“It’s nice to see your daughter in the spot light, seem like it’s all about kandi and her family,” one Instagram user commented of the photo.

“yes that’s what it looks like,” another one of Tucker’s followers commented in response.

Neither Tucker or Burruss responded at the time, but last year saw many focus on Riley, who celebrated her sweet 16 with a luxury vehicle as a present from mom. The teen also had a major body transformation by dropping 52 pounds with the help of a trainer.

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