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‘I Want to be Thin’: Nene Leakes’ Recent Comments on Weight Loss May Explain Her Joke About Looking ‘Big’ Next to Fellow Bravolebrities

Nene Leakes recently shared a photo of herself with fellow Bravolebrities Gizelle Bryant and Tamra Judge in promotion of the first BravoCon convention, but a light remark about her size missed the mark with fans.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posed in between Bryant, who stars on “The Real Housewives of Potomac” and Judge, who stars in “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in a photo she posted to her Instagram page earlier this week. The image is meant to get fans excited about the event, which will take place in New York City Nov. 15-17 and will feature stars from hit Bravo series.

nene leakes

“Wit my housewives sisters! Bravo Con is coming! Do you have your tickets yet @gizellebryant #tamarajudge um this pic sure did make me look big huh,” Leakes wrote in the caption.

However, it seems that fans who glimpsed the photo were not exactly feeling that last remark and they tore into her online.

“Lmao it didn’t make you look big you are big, like do she really think she small or something.”

“The picture made her look big or she’s so use to photoshopping all her pictures she doesn’t recognize her real size?”

“um…. cuz….. you……. is……. big? 🐶”

“Nene big mad she didn’t get to poorly photoshop this Pic 🤣🤣”

“Her sense of reality is so messed up.”

Such remarks, which poured out on a fan “RHOA” Instagram account, may have led Leakes to remove the post altogether, as it no longer appears on the O.G. star’s Instagram account.

But while fans have been dogging Leakes out for her size, the star recently revealed to HollywoodLife that she dropped 12 pounds and is looking to lose more.

“I really want to lose 20 pounds,” the star said. “I’m very tall. I’m almost 5’11 and I can carry my weight a lot different than somebody who’s shorter than me, so me losing 12 pounds makes me feel like I’ve lost like, 5.”

Leakes, who has also dropped one dress size, previously began a pescatarian diet after her husband Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with colon cancer last May. She’s continued that diet and explained she has had success eating four, sometimes five small meals a day. Now, her goal is to lose more dress sizes in time for her birthday at the end of the year.

“I’ve always been the girl who’s been a size 10, and then when I got bigger I was a 12 — whatever,” Leakes said. “I don’t ever remember being an 8. I would love to be an 8. Some people are like, ‘Oh, you’re too tall to be an 8!’ My birthday is December 13th. Every year around my birthday, I always want to be something! I want to be thin or smaller.”

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