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‘No Rhythm at All’: Cynthia Bailey’s Throwback Twerk Video Reminds Fans She’s No Dancer

Remember when Cynthia Bailey dropped it low during a cast trip with her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars? Well, the model is reminding fans she still likes to get down with a throwback video of her busting a move once again.

Bailey wrote on Instagram Sunday that she was “bored, going down memory lane.” During her little journey to the past, she said she “found a bunch of OLD random videos” and noted she “was SUPPOSED to be working. cuttings up with my glam. sooooo thought I would share.

“Enjoy! found some good ones……they coming this week😜” she added in the caption.

In the video, which was filmed in May, Bailey took a break from getting dolled up to burst into a dance to Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up.” The “RHOA” star’s moves combined bopping, shoulder shaking and playfully running in place.

At one point, Bailey announced, “I’m gonna try to twerk,” and proceeded to do so, getting egged on by one of her glam squad members who captured the footage.

But upon seeing the results Bailey shared to Instagram this weekend, fans were unimpressed.

“Just leave twerking alone… cuz😥”

“That twerk needs work, girl. 🙂🤩”

“Oh no she didn’t 🤦🏻‍♀️”

“Poor Cynthia…no rhythm @ all…bless ur 💜”

The last response didn’t actually hurt Bailey, though. Instead, she simply said, “pray 4 me😜”

Yet not everyone was negative. Several fans applauded Bailey for being herself and having some fun.

“I love Gangsta Cynthia 😂💕 and the struggle twerk 2 hahahaha 👑 #MUVA”

“❤️You just being you!”

“She might not have the rhythm right but her skin and youthful look surely make up for that.”

Bailey has publicly attempted to twerk at least a couple of times in the past. The first moment of dance came during a cast trip to Destin, Florida, as cameras rolled to film “RHOA” season 11 in December.

Some likened Bailey’s twerk to Drake’s “In My Feelings” to the movements of a frog. Bailey even admitted on Instagram after the video was uploaded “yes I am very embarrassed.” She also deemed it a “struggle twerk.”

By the time May 2019 rolled around, however, Bailey was once again giving it the old college try. This time the star had her now fiancé Mike Hill with her when she decided to use the buoyancy of water to help her twerk in the pool.

“My baby can do a lot of things,” Hill said as he filmed his boo in the pool at the time. “She said she can twerk better in the water. You can go anytime, baby.”

“I’m twerking!” Bailey excitedly told her then-boyfriend. “You don’t see it?”

“I don’t see no waves,” Hill said laughing.

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