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‘My ‘Poor Baby’ is Right Here’: Tamron Hall Claps Back at Fan for ‘Mom-Shaming’ Comment About Her Son

A Tamron Hall fan found out just which button she couldn’t press when she mentioned the former “Today” show co-host’s newborn under a social media photo.

“Your poor baby must miss you,” the fan who goes by jlkitty16 told Hall on Instagram.

The longtime television personality reposted the comment Tuesday and responded in a six-line caption Hall said wasn’t “a rant.”

“It’s a reply and one I would say face to face,” she said.

Hall called the post “mom shame lameness” that is “so corny and toxic” in her Instagram caption.

“Fyi my ‘poor baby’ is right here with me and when he’s not he is in the loving arms of Dad, Granny, Nanny … yes I have a wonderful woman who helps me,” Hall said. “My mom had her sisters and other women help her too. No shame in women helping women. Knock it off with this nonsense.”

Fans agreed with Hall and defended her.

“This is never said to men. It’s infuriating.”

“What a gift you’re giving him: showing what a loving, hard working woman looks like. Working moms rock.”

“Welcome to motherhood where your every move is judged 😒. Ps you are a fabulous mother and don’t let people tell you otherwise!”

“Mom shaming is the worst. Women get shamed for having kids, not having kids, Rich moms, moms that are not so financially wealthy, Black moms, White moms it does not matter. Shaming, judging or whatever you want to call it, needs to STOP.”

In another post, Hall walked back her initial response some and shared a photo of her son.

“I did not set out to ‘shame’ the person who sent that comment,” she wrote in the post. “Where I am from when you say ‘poor baby’ that is not a compliment… like ‘bless your heart’ 🤣 Now back to my poor baby lol. Keep smiling and doing your best. We can talk about anything as long as we start with respect. He gets that look side eye from his mama. #mosesandmama”

Hall, a Texas native, announced in March that she and husband, Steve Greener, were expecting their first child together with an Instagram video dancing to “Baby Shark.”

Hall continued on to say the topic of mom-shaming might come up again on her syndicated show set to premiere Sept. 9.

“Let’s talk about it @tamronhallshow,” Hall said. 

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