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‘Here We Go Again!’: Folks Blast Reginae Carter’s Recent Relationship Memo Seemingly Aimed at YFN Lucci

Internet users are growing increasingly tired of Reginae Carter‘s apparent relationship drama with off-and-on boyfriend and rapper YFN Lucci.

The “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” star clearly doesn’t mind airing out her and Lucci’s problems on social media, but it seems fans do. Folks claimed they’re tired of her supposedly breaking up with the 28-year-old “Heartless” rapper and then getting back with him days or weeks later. People urged Carter to keep her personal problems off the internet, but she apparently didn’t listen.

Sunday morning, the 20-year-old star took to Twitter and wrote, “No more settling for me.”

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter. @reginae_carter1/Twitter

Many fans took it as Carter once again alluding to her and Lucci’s tumultuous relationship.

“Here we go again! 😒 At this point… Just invest in a journal and write your thoughts there… 🤷🏾‍♀️….”

“Reginae shutttt up and stop crying wolf! You let that man disrespect you and you go rite back to him smh. Girl bye! 🙄”

“Girl listen to your mom 😩 or deal privately. cause you only make a fool out of yourself publicly bashing a person just to go back. smh this is every other week 😐.”

Carter and Lucci allegedly broke up a month ago after she took issue with him leaving a happy face emoji underneath a provocative video of another woman.

The rapper apparently didn’t see the issue with his actions and took to Twitter to blast his girlfriend, writing June 26 in a now deleted tweet, “Which is worse me commenting or me getting in her dm tyrna get some of dat s–t huh?” he said referring to the unidentified girl in the video.

However the couple were back together almost two weeks later following their Twitter spat.

Reginae Carter
YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter at the 2019 BET Awards. (Photo: @flowersinthetrap)

During an interview with BET‘s ‘Black Coffee’ series in June, the “Everyday We Lit” rapper addressed his and Carter’s rocky relationship, saying social media plays a huge factor.

“I be trying to let her know, man, you can’t let Instagram and all them people dictate our relationship,” he said, insinuating the young actress takes the opinions of social media users to heart. “They gon’ give their opinions, but you don’t even know these people. How you just gon’ take their word for it?”

He continued, “I got girl fans. So a girl can write her and say ‘That’s my man,’ and she’ll believe it, and then she’ll send it to me, and I’ll be like, ‘Who the hell is this? This a random person.’ You just gotta be strong, and talk and work it out.”

Lucci has yet to respond to Carter’s latest cryptic post.

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