Video: White Student Gives Racist Biology Lesson With Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Playing

Texas A&M University is investigating a student after video of him using racial slurs was recorded on Snapchat, according to the university.

With an open shirt and a beer in his hand, the student delivers a 37-second racially-charged rant as if it were a genetics lesson. In the video that was uploaded June 28, he’s standing in front of a chalkboard with a Punnett square drawn on it.

Screenshot of Texas A&M student's racist rant
A Texas A&M University student can be seen using racial slurs in a video posted on social media (Photo by Twitter / screenshot from Snapchat video)

“So basically the homozygous Nn is a half-white, half-Black person, right,” he says in the video. “So they have a 20 percent chance of birthing a full black n—– and a 50 percent chance of birthing a half-black n—-.”

Biracial rapper Drake’s “God’s Plan” is blaring in the background.

The university president, Michael Young, said in a July 1 statement the video saddened him and that people who champion the beliefs in the footage “are not welcomed at Texas A&M University.”       

“This behavior is abhorrent and against the core values that we share and to which we aspire in all we do, including those of respect, excellence and integrity,” Young said.

The school’s student conduct office will be investigating the incident, but the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prevents the university from revealing the results of the investigation, Young said.

In his statement, he asked the school community to report hate speech and prejudice using the school’s Stop Hate web portal.

“We must be vigilant in addressing and confronting what drives hate speech and prejudice,” Young said. “This starts with each of us in the Aggie community calling out this behavior.” 

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