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‘Oh She Definitely Single Single’: La La Anthony Shows Off Her Assets, Fuels Fans Divorce Speculation

 La La and Carmelo Anthony’s marriage may be headed for an end after footage surfaced online of the free agent NBA player on a yacht with a model during La La’s birthday weekend. Anthony claims he was on a business trip with a married couple, but the two were alone in the pictures. In an interview with TMZ, Melo said, “The only reason I’m addressing this is because this is affecting my family now, and you got me out here looking crazy. Usually I won’t address this, but I had to address this … Can’t let this one slide, because this s— ain’t cool no more.”

While there is no telling what will happen with the pair, La La is sure looking unbothered in her recent Instagram post. The 36-year-old television personality and actress took to Instagram Thursday showing off her long legs and fit body in a one-piece leopard print bathing suit. “GOD. GOALS. GROWING. GLOWING 💫🙏🏽,” La La wrote for her caption.

La La Anthony @LaLa/Instagram

With over 300,000 likes, fans complimented La La and gave her advice on supposedly moving forward.

“Looking unbothered.” 

“Please don’t take him back your strength means so much to other women going through the same thing. PRAYERS AND LOVE.”

“Visual representation of “I don’t look like what I am going through”! GOD is covering, healing, and blessing her! Go, God! You don’t have respect for person enlarge my territory too God! Thank you, Jesus!”

“It’s time to let go, Lala,” one fan wrote regarding La La’s marriage to Anthony.

“Since you single now check it out 😍.”

“Goddess 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍”


“Yass 🙌 in that order. You deserve better yup too beautiful inside and out. 💞”

Fans even noticed that she was no longer rocking her wedding ring.

“She didn’t even have to hit us with the hand like that🤣🤣🤣🤣,” one fan joked. “The man was on a business trip trying to provide for his family. C’mon, you guys.”

“No ring “

According to People, sources say that the couple has been separated for “a while now” and the mother of one is now exploring legal options in their marriage, but didn’t specifically mention divorce. 

“As La La and Carmelo have been living apart for quite some time, La La is proceeding with legal discussions as the next step in their relationship,” her representative told the outlet. “They will remain loving and committed parents to their son.”

The two wed in 2010 and share a son named Kiyan together. In 2017, reports spread like wildfire that La La filed for separation when he allegedly had a baby outside of their marriage. In a February interview with Hollywood Life, La La spoke about their reconciliation.

“I think that marriages are hard and I always see whoever tells you differently, they’d be lying,” she said. “I’ve been with my husband for 14 years now, so if you think you’re going to go through 14 years without no bumps or bruises in the road, you’re fooling yourself. It’s about how you respond to it, and sometimes things happen to make the unit stronger and help you guys grow. And I think that’s been the case for us. … We’re still working through some things, but I’m happy to be in a much better place right now.”

 Stay tuned to see if everything is all well in Carmelo’s life of “love and basketball.” For La La, she sure isn’t breaking a sweat, in front of the cameras at least.

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