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‘Snapback’: Lira Mercer Puts Her ‘Buns’ on Display on IG, Earns Compliments Galore

Model Lira Mercer Praised by Fans Following Her Pregnancy ‘Snapback’

Urban model and ex- fiancée of rap star Rick Ross Lira Mercer is back at again. On June 25, Mercer took to Instagram showcasing her cakes for the camera. The model was on a boat in Santorini, Greece, rocking a curve-hugging white two-piece bathing suit. “& is showing off, but it’s alright 😅,” Mercer wrote for her caption.

Lira Mercer (Photo: @Lira_Galore Instagram)

With over 60,000 likes, it was no surprise that fans were praising Mercer in the comments for her snapback. 

“You fina get one of them “stop fu**in playing with me text 😂,” one fan wrote. 

“Keep them coming 🔥🔥😍😍,” another fan wrote. 

“Who just had a baby two months ago?? Who 🗣”

“Nah you showing out Lira 🤭.” 

“You gave them ten months sis! Gooooone head! 😩🙌🏾.” 

“And 👏🏽this 👏🏽is 👏🏽how 👏🏽 u 👏🏽 snap👏🏽 back.” 

“Snap back crazy.” 

“She’s back.” 

Mercer’s comeback comes two months after the model gave birth to a baby girl with her ex-boyfriend, Quality Control music executive Pierre “Pee” Thomas on April 24. The mother of Khaleesi Thomas broke up with Pee for allegedly cheating. She then announced she was pregnant with his baby. Pee was also preparing to welcome a baby with another woman named Kaylar Will at the time. Will also gave birth a month ago. Despite the drama of being pregnant at the same time as another woman by the same man, Mercer still seems to be enjoying motherhood. 

On April 26, she posted a video of her holding her baby girl via Instagram. The two were rocking matching floral outfit sets. “This must be the feeling all the moms were telling me about ..🥺🥺 #ImAMommy #KsMom – Matching Sets: @poshpeanut,” Mercer wrote for her caption.

Even after a baby, Mercer proves that she can snap back quicker than an actual cap.

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