Watch: Sammie Dishes on Trolling Fans with Sonogram Pic, Women and Dating

Sammie has long been known a talent. When he burst onto the scene with 1999’s “I Like It,” which he co-wrote with Dallas Austin, the performer’s charisma captivated plenty of fans.

But as the now-32-year-old star has grown up in the spotlight, he’s also managed to ruffle some feathers with his apparent new talent: trolling his fans.

Describing it to Atlanta Black Star as “a little picture I grabbed off Twitter one day,” Sammie addressed the infamous sonogram photo he shared on Instagram June 16. The pic was so convincing it had both fans and the likes of Kandi Burruss and Lil Scrappy thinking he was becoming a parent.

“My baby’s about to have a big ass head 🥴. Happy Father’s Day to the fathers outchea. TET #EVERLASTING #YoungLion #SA,” Sammie captioned a sonongram he posted on social media on Father’s Day.


After leaving up the post for a while and getting inundated with more than 5,000 comments, Sammie admitted it was a big joke.

“Confession: Now I know what it feels like to TROLL the shyt outta the Internet. *go back to my last post* (Refreshing 😂),” he wrote on Instagram. “2ndly, a lot of people exposed themselves thinking I really had a jit otw 😊. And lastly I look forward to being a husband/ father/ daddy in the NEAR future but for now Ima keep rocking these SOLD OUT SHOWS & counting up $. Chicago we UP tonight. (Next time I won’t be joking tho) NO kid otw just yet 😌. Chi-town I’m here!!! #TET #EVERLASTING #YoungLion #SA.”

“It was hilarious. I was bored,” he told ABS on Wednesday, June 26, of the post he made while he was between tour stops. “I never troll … so I knew it would be taken seriously because I don’t do stuff like that. So I was like, ‘I’m gonna let it marinate for a couple of hours.’ And it seems like I cheated on all my female friends and fans. It was funny.

“I don’t have a child on the way,” Sammie adds to clarify. “I was just messing around. But it’s nice to know that the world would be heartbroken, I guess, if I did have a child on the way. And I want children one day.”

After noting that blogs “played their hand” by writing on the unwed star supposedly expecting, Sammie said he anticipated the response he got.

“Most of my female followers don’t even want me to be taken, let alone creating a life right now. I think we’re in a relationship and they felt like I committed infidelity times 10 because I got the girl pregnant, allegedly.”

Sammie added that despite his follow up post clearing up the trolling, he’s still getting congratulatory text messages.

Sammie. ( Blair Devereaux PHEAUXTOGRAPHY )

“I don’t have a child,” he says. “Y’all can stop. Read the next post.”

Elsewhere, the performer who many see as a ladies man addressed his outlook on women and dating.

Spoiler alert: he’s not willing to put his career on hold for love.

“It’s a lot dating, a guy like myself, because I share so much with the world, and my woman of my life would want that to herself, and that’s challenging,” Sammie admits. “I think it would take just a unique woman to be able to mesh happily and peacefully with me and what I do for a living. I’ve been Sammie for 20 years. I’m only 32. So I know what it’s like being a celebrity than just being in society as a normal guy. So I can’t sacrifice my dreams and aspirations and all I’ve endured for love. I just need it to mesh effortlessly. And if not, then it’s just not in my cards.”

But if ladies can handle that, Sammie says he’s looking for a God-fearing woman, but he’s not religious.

“I think religion causes segregation,” he says. “Just because you’re Baptist or Church of Christ or Pentecostal doesn’t mean you’re praying to the wrong source. But I do believe in a higher power, so she has to be spiritually sound.”

A jokester, Sammie says a woman who takes herself too seriously isn’t for him. But he does appreciate a go-getter.

“I’m a dreamer, so she has to be ambitious. She has to have her own,” he says. “I’d love to provide and to elevate her and to build her up, but I love women to have their own thing going on. And there’s less time for you to worry about what I have going on. You can be busy, I can be busy, and we can come together and build our empire.”

Lastly, the star says his woman has to be understanding. Because when business calls, he’s all in.

“We might have a date Friday and I’m gonna have to go to L.A. Friday,” Sammie explains. “More than likely, I’m gonna go to L.A. because business calls. And I need a woman to understand that I’ll make up for that, but I have to go ’cause it’s time for work.”

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