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(Exclusive) Vegan Chef Ahki Dishes on Upcoming Dr. Sebi Documentary Nick Cannon Affirmed He’s Still on Board to Produce

A Dr. Sebi documentary set for production by the late Nipsey Hussle is plowing full steam ahead, despite now-shot down reports Nick Cannon is backing out of the project. One subject who will also definitely be part of the effort is Chef Ahki.

Ahki was contacted to be a part of the documentary after meeting Sebi, a herbalist and and self-proclaimed healer. Having attended a conference he held in Atlanta in 2001, Ahki told Atlanta Black Star it was the first time she heard Sebi speak live and saw people healed by his methods. Those methods, she said, are considered the African biomineral balance, which focuses on taking indigenous herbs from the motherland and Mexico that are high in alkalinity.

“His philosophy is if you can alkalize the body, then disease cannot exist in the body,” she says. “I understood that what he was saying was so true and that African American people really needed to take a good look at what we were eating. Were we still eating a slave diet? Were we still eating the colonizer’s food? What was our original diet like? How did we eat in Africa? How did we eat in the Caribbeans?”

Chef Ahki
(Photo courtesy of Chef Ahki)

Using Sebi’s methods, Ahki has crafted vegan meals that focus on electrical foods, as showcased in her book, “Electric – A Modern Guide to Non-Hybrid & Wild Foods and The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Cookbook.” Those same methods apply for her newest release, “Super Food for the Modern Baby.”

Explaining how Cannon’s involvement in the Sebi documentary came to be, Ahki said the actor/rapper took it on after Hussle’s death and had already begun researching and finding interview subjects. After Cannon tackled hosting duties for “The Wendy Williams Show” earlier this year, Ahki said Cannon met Mr. G, a videographer on the show and former assistant to Sebi, who had hundreds of hours of footage of Sebi’s last few years. The two wound up co-producing the effort together shortly after Cannon posted on Instagram in April indicating he’d take on the effort Hussle left behind after he was killed in March.

However, reports emerged days ago that Cannon was no longer involved in the effort. The rumors alleged Cannon backed out after he allegedly received death threats. It led him to refute the claims on Instagram.

“Oh ‘They’ wish this was the truth!! Who made this dumb s—?! LOL #Fearless,” Cannon captioned a screenshot of the false headline May 30.

“The film is really kind of focused on his court case as well as his untimely death,” Ahki explains. “Anybody that knows Sebi knows that Sebi did not plan on not being here. Sebi was making big plans. Sebi planned to be here for 120 years so he had a very childlike spirit — he was still making children!”

Sebi died at age 82 in 2016. His passing came after suffering complications from pneumonia while in police custody after being arrested in Honduras, which is where he lived. Discussing the documentary’s funeral footage in the doc, Ahki said, “People had that feeling that Sebi was not finished here. And the fact that he was incarcerated before he left here, it brings about many questions, and it’s really heartbreaking.”

“Sebi died an honorable death, Nipsey died an honorable death,” she concludes. “I will die an honorable death so we’re not caught up on the conspiracies of what they’re trying to do. We’re focused on making sure that the spirit of these lessons continue to live on through our children.”

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