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‘Teen Mom’ Star Tries to Play the Victim After Nessa Diab Presses Her Over Criticism of Colin Kaepernick

Host Nessa Diab (right) was attempting to have a civil conversation with Janelle Evans about her criticism of Colin Kaepernick when things went left. (MTV/video screenshot)Monday’s “Teen Mom 2” reunion was nothing short of dramatic as alum Janelle Evans fled the set in a rage after being questioned about “hateful” comments she made about former NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

TV personality Nessa Diab appeared alongside veteran host Dr. Drew for the prime-time special, during which she brought up previous posts from Evans’ social media criticizing Kaepernick’s sideline protests.

“You posted hateful comments on social media about my family, about my man,” said Diab, who’s dating the ex-football star. “You knew that.”

Evans, who was booted from “Teen Mom 2” after her husband shot and killed their French bulldog, claimed she had “no idea what you’re talking about.” However, Diab wasted no time pulling up the damning  receipts of Evans’ past posts.

In one of them, 27-year-old vowed to boycott Nike after the athleisure brand made Kaepernick the face of its “Just Do It” campaign amid national outcry over his decision to kneel during pregame performances of the national anthem. The peaceful protests during the 2016 NFL season, which were meant to bring awareness to racial injustice and police brutality in America, ultimately cost Kaepernick his job, as he was blackballed by the league.

“‘Lets choose the most disrespected guy in the NFL for our promos,'” Evans wrote on Facebook. “‘Lets add a slogan about sacrificing, everyone will love it. Lets choose the man that kneels at our flag.’ YOU’RE WRONG.”

“I will not be buying Nike anymore,” she added. “Chris Kyle’s wife wrote a huge letter about how she feels and I couldn’t agree more. HER husband actually DID sacrifice A LOT. Nike should change their “motto” immediately. Nike needs a new PR person pronto. 🤦🏻‍♀️☹️🙄”

In a separate post, the embattled mom of three declared: ‘Donald J. Trump unemployment rate is so low, even Colin Kaepernick found a job! ’Merica!”

Diab attempted to have an “open, healthy conversation” with Evans about her comments and noted that Kaepernick used his platform “to peacefully protest systemic oppression in this country — specifically police brutality against black people.”

“Men, women and children are dying — wrongfully dying. And people who are doing this are not being held accountable,” Diab said, adding that her man’s protests had “nothing to do with military men [or] military women, because they fought for our Constitution to peacefully protest.”

“I’ve never seen that,” Evans said, referencing the posts. “I have no idea who your boyfriend is, or husband. “I swear to God.”

It was only a matter of time before the tears started flowing and Evans stormed off stage in an attempt to turn the tables on Diab.

“I’m done with this bullsh-t,” she said. “This is about MY story line and you want to bring up your issues!”

Social media critics weren’t swayed by Evans’ tears, however, and lauded Diab for holding her accountable for her actions.

“Yessss Nessa!” one fan wrote.

“I don’t even agree with Kap, but I respect him and Nessa!” another chimed in. “I’m glad she said something, and she did it very respectful! Jenelle ran off crying because she knew she was wrong! Lol”

A fellow user agreed, saying: “Jenelle backed down and put on the water works because she knew she couldn’t stand up to Nessa and hold her own. Girls not educated enough to even understand what Nessa is talking about.”

One critic argued that Evans “100% knew what she was doing.”

“She’s just so entitled she never thought someone would call her out on it!,” they wrote.

Watch more in the video below.

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