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‘Is That Your Money He’s Spending?’ Todd Tucker Gifts Wife Kandi Burruss With a New Car, but She Doesn’t Seem Too Ecstatic

Kandi Burruss got a major birthday present ahead of her 43rd birthday, which is this weekend. But her lackluster response has fans wondering about why she appeared unenthused. Some say it may have to do with where her husband Todd Tucker got the money to make the big purchase: purportedly from her bank account.

Tucker went out earlier this week and in a couple of hours, he brought home a Bentley Bentayga SUV. The white luxury vehicle was parked in the couple’s driveway and everyone in the family and in Burruss’ inner circle was in on the surprise. In an effort to get “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star out of her home and in the driveway, her daughter Riley Burruss informed her that their bulldog, Georgia, had dumped an odd-looking pile of poo. Since the dog has cancer, the lie was convincing.

However, when Burruss walked outside — in a robe, house shoes and no makeup — she discovered not feces, but the big, shiny white car with a red bow on top.

“You could have at least let me put my lashes on!” Burruss exclaims to her 16-year-old daughter when she stepped outside the front door. “I look crazy!”

But Burruss was beaming when she saw the vehicle and poked around to see all the features.

“Y’all got me good with this one,” she says after giving her husband a hug and thanking him.

However, when Riley asked if she was happy that she was “pushed into getting it” since Burruss wouldn’t have purchased the $200,000-plus SUV herself, the singer seemed a little less enthused.

“Yeah, I mean, you got it for me so it’s not like I did it for myself,” she says before adding, “Well, now I don’t have to get mistaken for Uber! I have been mistaken for an Uber driver two times in my Escalade.”

Perhaps that kind of response led fans to question her feelings about getting the car, which several speculated was purchased using Burruss’ money and not that of the production manager-turned-restaurateur.

“For a minute I thought u didn’t like it he asked like 3 times before you said yes 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 it’s beautiful tho ❤️”

“Is that you’re money he spending? Then it’s not a gift from him😩”

“Awww he buying her gift with her money🤣🤣.”

The remarks come years after Burruss’ mom, known as Mama Joyce, accused Tucker of marrying her daughter for her money. She famously dissed him as an opportunist and dismissed his self-proclaimed ability to provide Burruss stability.

“Hold up! Lights get cut out at the Kandi Factory. You go down to light the gas lights and say, ‘I have stability?’ They’re not going to take that. I look at a man as a provider,” she said in a season 6 “RHOA” episode.

Yet Joyce ultimately backed off and told Radar Online the whole engagement had her sick.

“They have worn me down to the point where it has made me sick. I just don’t feel like Todd is the right choice. I think he’s manipulative… I’ve tried to shield my child, but I’m tired. I’m over it. I pray to God I’m wrong about him.

“If Kandi is happy, I’m happy. At the end of the day, she’s the one who will have to deal with him not me,” she added.

More recently, however, Mama Joyce has warmed up to Tucker, even taking back her remark that he’s a “lemon” and expressing appreciation about how he’s embraced stepdaughter Riley.

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