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‘This Inspired Me’: Fans Rave at Kenya Moore’s Baby Managing to Make This Feat Happen

In the eyes of Kenya Moore fans, it seems her baby girl Brooklyn is the cutest of all. Recently, they got a new dose of sweetness when Moore shared a new video of the 6-month-old being active on Instagram.

Brooklyn Doris Daly captured the hearts of many when they glimpsed her rolling over on Monday, May 6. Looking straight into the camera as she rested on her stomach, Brooklyn listened to her mother’s encouraging words and rolled onto her back. Then, she tried and tried again until she could roll off her back and onto her stomach once more while Moore cheered her on.

“Roll over backwards and forward,” Moore coos. “You got it, baby. You got it. C’mon. One more time, try it again. Roll over from your back — You did it!”

“I got this mommy! #rollingover #miraclebaby #6months #babydaly,” the video was captioned.

In no time, adoring comments poured out for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum’s little one. Several of Brooklyn’s followers also marveled at how set she was rolling back on her tummy.

“Absolutely gorgeous bundle of JOYYYYYY💖💖💖💖”

“I just wanted to reach in and help the tiny tings😍”

“She was determined 💕”

“Never Give Up I Keep Telling Myself!!! 😍😍😍 “

“@thekenyamoore If this doesn’t show determination I don’t know what does. Theres actually an amazing lesson here. Don’t give up and keep trying until you do it. This inspired me and is the best video I have seen today. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

While Brooklyn’s moves are impressing her followers, it’s not uncommon for babies her age to be rolling over.

“Most babies will start to roll anywhere from the end of their third month to the fifth month, but with developmental milestones there is always an average, and some may also do it earlier or later,” Florida pediatrician Juan Carlos Millon of TopLine MD told Today.

It’s not clear exactly when Brooklyn first rolled over, but it’s the latest development that fans have caught on her IG page.

At 4 months old, the infant held up her own bottle, something usually achieved when babies are 6 to 10 months old. Then Brooklyn was caught on video babbling so much that she was seemingly heard saying “hi” to her followers.

Usually, babies utter their first word at around the 6- or 7-month mark. So while it may be debatable whether or not Brooklyn had her first word recorded for the world to see, she’s definitely been babbling and cooing, the latter of which occurs when babies are 4 months old.

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