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‘Is the Ban Off or Not?’: Snoop Dogg Prompts the Question of Whether or Not It’s Safe to Wear Gucci Again

It has been about three months since Gucci removed its balaclava sweater that a lot of folks said looked like blackface. T.I. immediately called for a boycott of the brand, as did other rappers like Waka Flocka and 50 Cent.

There were also others from the hip-hop community who said they wouldn’t stop wearing Gucci, like Future, who said he’d only do so if someone paid him.

But Snoop Dogg wants to know if the ban is still in effect, because he saw some Black folks sporting the Italian designs at the Met Gala in New York earlier this week.

“I seen some n—- wearing Gucci the other day, so is the ban off or not?” he asked in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday.

“Y’all gotta let me know, ’cause I got a bunch of sh– in here that I ain’t gave away yet,” he added. “N—– wearing Gucci again or not? ‘Cause y’all ain’t say nothing about them n—– who had it on the other night. If I wear it y’all gonna talk sh–? … Let me know when the ban is officially off.”

It didn’t take very long for people to answer Snoop’s question.

“Nah @snoopdogg f–k those who follow trends,” someone wrote under his post. “Let those who love cooning to keep rocking them racist Mfs cloths. They can keep that ugly sh-t. Banned for life💯”

“Man we still not wearing that bullsh-t snoop,” a second person wrote. “Too much other fly sh-t to wear. To let them play us like that.”

But there were some, who were seemingly in the minority, who told the veteran rapper to do whatever he feels as it pertains to Gucci.

“Do you uncle….!! F–k what they feel…!!” someone commented.

Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell defended the luxury brand in a recent interview and said it didn’t mean to mimic blackface with the sweater.

Campbell is one of the people who sits on the new advisory council that was established by Gucci after the backlash came.

The brand also launched a diversity and inclusion plan, plus, it began a scholarship for fashion education to help get “more diverse talent in North America to access the industry.”

“I think it’s ridiculous for people to say they were burning their [Gucci] clothes,” she told the Washington Post. “Don’t burn your clothes. It wasn’t intentional. … Regardless of what happened, I was always going to Gucci.”

In his video, Snoop didn’t indicate how long he’ll wait to hear from people before he decides whether to start wearing the brand again.

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