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‘Let Him See Bella!’: Joseline Hernandez’s Video With Her Boo Gets Derailed After Fans Bring Up Stevie J. Claims

It’s pretty clear Joseline Hernandez is in love, but for some apparent reason fans just won’t let her live.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star is getting dragged back into the drama surrounding her and ex-fiancé Stevie J. The music producer claimed she’d been purposely keeping him away from their 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

Surprisingly, the 32-year-old mother has yet to address her “baby daddy’s” claims, but fans, on the other hand, won’t stop probing her about it.

She took to Instagram on Monday and shared a video of herself and her boyfriend DJ Ballistics having a romantic day together at the beach. She recorded her boo getting slightly clipped by a fish and panned the camera toward herself.

“On today’s episode #Lovewins A fish grazed his leg 😂,” she wrote in her caption.

A few fans fawned over the couple’s love.

“Im glad you happy @joseline ❤️ love always wins you two look great together.”

“One man trash could be the next mans treasure 🔥❤️. Keep smiling Joseline, happy for you.”

Joseline Hernandez
DJ Ballistics and Joseline Hernandez. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

A slew of other fans trashed Hernandez’s video, slamming her for allegedly keeping Stevie J. away from their 2-year-old.

“B–ch u need to let Stevie see Bella u just mad he didnt really marry u 💯!”

“Joseline let him see bella! Don’t keep him away from his child just cus you bitter af. She gone grow tf up to hate you smh.”

“Let Stevie see his baby you only hurting Bonnie Bella at the end of the day 🙄.”

“Why you won’t let her Daddy come pick her up💥 you are not only hurting him you are hurting your daughter too and you don’t have anything to win 🤦‍♀️.”

Joseline Hernandez
Fans are claiming Bonnie Bella has her mom Joseline Hernandez (left picture) to thank for not being able to join any group photos like that of (from left in right photo) Faith Evans, Bonnie’s father Stevie J., sister Savannah, and brother Steven Jr. (Photos:
@joseline/Instagram, @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram)

This past weekend Stevie J. hit back at Hernandez’s deadbeat father claims, saying she was the reason he’s been unable to see their toddler.

“We on our way back to Atlanta. We came to Miami to pick up somebody, but somebody had a long night of something and don’t want to meet us,” Stevie said in a video of himself and his daughter Sade Jordan apparently driving back from Miami to Atlanta.

He went on to say that this was the fifth time he’s tried to pick up his Bonnie Bella, but Hernandez refused to let him do so.

“This is the fifth time we’ve been here to pick up you-know-who, but we can’t get her. So I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but the necessary has to occur,” he added.

Hernandez claimed in April that Stevie hasn’t seen their daughter in over a year. She, however, has yet to respond to his recent allegations.

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