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‘My Absolute Favorite’: Tamar Braxton Shares Adorable Moment of Morning Cuddles with Son Logan

The bond a mother has with her child is incomparable, and Tamar Braxton had her connection with her young son firmly on display this weekend, much to the delight of fans.

On Instagram Saturday, the singer shared a quick video of her getting some morning cuddles in bed with 5-year-old Logan.

“I live for Saturday mornings with my absolute Favorite 💕🥰 ( he know he got a cold Jesus 😰),” she captioned the April 27 clip, which saw Logan give his mom lots of smooches after he made a silly face with his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

“You watch too many superheroes,” Braxton remarked as she shook her head and told Logan to “stop doing that” with his eyes.

Despite the tot’s illness and silly antics, however, fans fawned over the affectionate moment.

“Cuteness 😍”

“🖤🖤😍😍Sooo Damm Precious, the meaning of motherhood unconditional Love😍😍😍😍😍 the happiness on your face and the love in his kisses are priceless 😊”

“So freaking adorable.”

“That is so beautiful he gives you a lot of love children is such a blessing to tell you enjoy your son and cherish him because before you know it he’ll be a grown child and gone on his own so just cherish it as much as you can it’s a beautiful video of you too God bless you both.”

“I love it that’s what I call quality time love you Tamar.”

Braxton is certainly close to her son. Before she took home the grand prize on “Celebrity Big Brother” back in February, the singer revealed she allows her son to sleep in the bed with her and her boyfriend David Adefeso, who was relatively new in her life at the time.

“He be in the bed with me and T’Chella, sleep,” explained Braxton, who at the time used the “Black Panther”-inspired nickname to refer to her boyfriend of six months.

Braxton further explained that the co-sleeping with Adefeso in tow was only a recent development and when Logan does snooze with the couple, he remains close to his mom.

Still, unlike the recent mother-son moment, Braxton’s allowing Logan to sleep with a man who is not his father — who is Braxton’s estranged music exec husband Vince Herbert — had fans feeling uncomfortable.

“Tamar son should not be sleeping in the bed with her and her boyfriend.”

“No, your child should not sleep in a bed with a stranger. That’s not cool. I would not have my child or children to be that close to anyone other than me or their dad.”

“Wait! Logan sleeps in the bed with her and her man?! That’s not cool!! NOT COOL! I lost a little bit of respect for Tamar. She better change her damn mind about that crap!”

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