Steve Harvey Inspires Folks with Blunt Professional Advice About Pursuing Your Dreams: ‘This Was for Me’

What keeps people from pursuing their childhood dreams in adulthood, and staying loyal to the promises they make to themselves during youth?

Steve Harvey recently addressed that topic during a break of his talk show “Steve” when someone from the studio audience asked how to keep from getting discouraged, as a man who said companies have been turning him down because he’s overqualified.

Harvey made the point that being in between jobs is a sign for him to take on a new profession, something that’s much closer to his natural talents.

“First of all, let’s look at the layoff for what it was,” he said. “It was time to go for you, and sometimes, man, we don’t jump; sometimes we get pushed. See God is really fair. When he wants you to do something else, and you won’t do it, he’ll bring about a set of circumstances that’ll cause you [to make a change].”

The wise talk show host then said the man was trying to replace what he lost, instead of moving forward towards his true passion.

“So let me ask you this: What is your gift?” Harvey asked him.

“I’m pretty good in the kitchen,” he answered.

“Right, so why you down there f–king around at the computer store?” Harvey replied.

It was clear that many were inspired by Harvey’s words, and they let him know about it on Instagram.

“This was my favorite!!!!! @stevetvshow , you are amazing!!!” someone wrote.

“Love this Mr. Harvey 😃 You always give great advice ❤️,” another person stated.

“This was for me,” a third person commented. “I’ve been trying to go back to what I ‘WAS’ doing.”

Another person said although he’s not religious or spiritual, Harvey’s words about God pushing people closer to their dreams touched him.

“Steve Harvey I love watching your shows, and I’m not a God fearing man and I don’t go to church but when I listen to you and what you say I feel very inspirational so I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart,” that person wrote. “Thank you and I wish you all the best.”
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