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‘Nothing In Life Will Ever Stop Her’: S.C. Girl With Prosthetic Leg Inspires Many After Impressive Tumbling Routine

Inspiring video of a young South Carolina girl practicing gymnastics outdoors has folks across the nation standing up and cheering.

LaShawn Jacobs of Columbia posted footage of her daughter, JaMiyah, — who has a prosthetic leg — brushing up on her tumbling skills on the front lawn of their home earlier this week. With a pep in her step, young JaMiyah bounded across the grass as she pulled of an jaw-dropping routine, replete with back flips, somersaults, splits and more.


JaMiyah Jacobs isn’t letting her prosthetic leg hold her back and wowed the Internet this week with a jaw-dropping tumbling routine. (Facebook / video screenshot)

Speaking to Storyful, Jacobs said her daughter “continues to prove that regardless of her prosthetic leg, nothing in life will ever stop her.”

The video was originally posted to Facebook and has already reached over 2.5 million views.

Fans across social media couldn’t help but be wowed by the young girl’s performance.

“Amazing!” one Twitter user wrote. “It just goes to show you, how resilient kids are and really how special children are.”

“Amazing young lady, what an inspiration ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️,” wrote another.

“Now there is a brave determined young lady!” one woman chimed in. “Her mother is right nothing will stop her.”

Watch more in the video.

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