Kenya Moore’s Baby Girl Continues to Impress Fans with Her Baby Babble: ‘Amazing’

Fans have already heard Kenya Moore’s baby girl say “hi,” but now it seems the infant can’t stop, and followers of Brooklyn Doris Daly can’t get enough.

Moore, uploaded a video to her 5-month-old’s Instagram account Monday, April 15, as she spoke to her little one. Throughout, Brooklyn recites what appears to be her favorite word to her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star mom: Hi!

“I’m really talking just in my own language 😂👶🏽 #babydaly #babybrooklyn #miraclebaby,” read the video’s accompanying caption.

“She truly is!! I hear her say HI plan as day!! #SOOOOCute🤗”


“Good morning Brooklyn and Kenya! ❤️. Did y’all hear Brooklyn say hi? I believe she did! 🙂”

“She so sounds like she is saying hi back xx”

“Hiiii, Baby Brooklyn. 👋 She’s such a doll baby. Just beautiful. 😍😍💜💜”

The new video comes almost more than one month after Brooklyn first amazed fans with her speech. Mama Moore posted a clip to her baby’s Instagram account where the 48-year-old urged her baby to give viewers a greeting.

When Brooklyn responded, fans immediately noticed she appeared to say “hi.”

“So cute !! I heard the ‘hi’ !! Wow amazing 😂❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽”

“Omg the cutest baby woooow omg.”

“😲 well hi there!😍😄”

Brooklyn has been reaching little milestones here and there, and they’re not all verbal. Another moment that caught fans’ attention was when the youngster held her bottle on her own at only 4 months old.

“Yep 4 months and trying to hold my own bottle. 👶🏽” read the caption on the pic posted on Brooklyn’s Instagram early last month.

The message accompanied a photo of Brooklyn doing the action. While it’s not clear exactly how long she was able to keep the bottle up by herself, fans still marveled over the moment.

“Wow! She can hold her bottle?! She’s growing up very fast😍’

“She’s a grown up practically!”

“Awwww her already holding her bottle time is flying so adorable she is😘💖💕”

The moment is not just a case of Moore bragging as any new mom would.

Babies usually begin holding their bottles when they’re two months to four months older than Brooklyn.

“Most babies will start holding their own bottles between 6 to 10 months, as their fine-motor skills develop,” Dr. Sandeepa Rajadhyaksha, associate medical director of the Dallas-based Children’s Health Pediatric Group, told The Bump, which is a millennial parent website.

As for Brooklyn’s baby chatter, she’s still in the babbling stages, but babies begin saying their first words as early as 6 months, Parents magazine reported.

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